Testosterone Undecanoate

Undecanoate is very effective in quickly gaining quality muscle and increasing strength. In addition, experienced athletes use it as a fat burner. This effect of the drug is explained by the special structure of the molecule, due to which it is able to reduce the volume of the fat layer and, in turn, to increase muscle tissue.

One of the unique properties of the ether is considered to be the stimulation of bone growth, as a result of which the athlete’s bones become stronger, which can easily withstand heavy loads during training.

Testosterone Undecanoate

The drug does not cause as serious a side effect as gynecomastia because it is not converted to estrogen. This became known not long ago thanks to American scientists. However, they advise us not to neglect post-cycle therapy, as taking a steroid still disrupts some processes in the body, which can lead to unwanted consequences.

Another feature of the drug is its non-toxicity. This is because it does not enter the bloodstream, but is instead absorbed into the lymph and only from there is it distributed throughout the body.


Testosterone Undecanoate in the form of injections has appeared on the market relatively recently. The German pharmaceutical company Bayer was the first to launch this drug. He was called Nebido. Today on the market you can find products from other companies that have established the production of one of the longest esters of the male hormone. This drug is mainly used in traditional medicine for hormone therapy.

The tablet version of Testosterone Undecanoate has been on the market for some time, but this oral steroid is not the best choice to create and maintain a high anabolic background.

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The main difference between this anabolic and other testosterone esters is a long half-life. According to this indicator, it exceeds all other AAS containing testosterone.


On the one hand, because of this, injections can rarely be given. On the other hand, however, the effectiveness of Nebido may be somewhat lower compared to the same Enanthate. This is due to the ester residue, which fills a fairly large percentage of the total amount of steroids in 1 ml.

Some athletes want to buy Testosterone Undecanoate from a pharmacy because they think that’s how they get the original medicine. Of course, we can agree with that statement.

However, many manufacturers still prefer online stores. This is because the online price of Testosterone Undecanoate is much lower and the quality of these products is usually not worse than at pharmacies.


Since Testosterone Undecanoate (oral version) is taken orally (by mouth), it cannot bypass the liver. However, 17-alpha-alkylation of ethers is not only a difficult task, but even if it is (alkylated) present, the ether will not undergo the necessary transformations.

In short, Testosterone Undecanoate in this case will not be able to turn into testosterone. Therefore, it does not have a methyl radical in the 17th position of the skeleton.

In order not to damage the liver, scientists have developed a very cunning mechanism. Testosterone Undecanoate is available as capsules containing an ester oil solution. Moreover, its side chain is VERY different from other esters. Ideally (i.e. theoretically) this would make the drug lipophilic and thus allow it to bypass the liver and enter the general circulation via the lymphatic system.

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In theory, this is amazing. But either the resulting drug was not lipophilic enough, or there were other problems that I did not know about, but in practice this mechanism seems to be scanty.

Andriol has been found to have extremely low bioavailability. That is why, for all its effects (including the side effects that we remember), it is inferior to its counterparts, and for men over thirty – elephant granules. In addition, it can be useful for young athletes who have just decided to get acquainted with the rich world of sports pharmacology.

And last. In addition to Testosterone Undecanoate, there is also an injectable test ester of undecanoate (Nebido). In practice, it is similar to testosterone enanthate. Except for the longer Nebido half-life of 10 to 11 days.

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