Testosterone Undecanoate Course

Both types of testosterone undecanoate pose a challenge when used in a performance-enhancing steroid cycle. Most experienced steroid users and new steroid undecanoate steroid users will find a much less practical and effective compound option compared to the much more common testosterone esters used as enanthate.

The best thing about this type of slow-acting injection is how often your injections will take, but how long you wait for any results should be considered.

Testosterone Undecanoate Course

Both forms of testosterone undecanoate present challenges when used in a performance-enhancing steroid cycle. More experienced and new steroid users will find testosterone undecanoate a much less practical and effective compound choice than the much more commonly used testosterone esters such as enanthate.

While a big benefit of this slow-acting form of injection is how sparse your injections will be, this needs to be weighed in how long you’ll wait to see results.

Andriol Dosage

To get performance enhancing benefits from Andriol, you must use a very high dose of this oral steroid. This is quite an expensive steroid, and there is also no scientific information available on the health impact of consuming such high doses for long periods of time.

Andriol Dosage

It would be necessary to take up to 500mg of Andriol per day due to the low bioavailability of each 40mg capsule. Cycle length should be similar to a standard 8-12 week steroid cycle.

Nebido Dosage

If you want to take a short steroid cycle, Nebido is not suitable for you because your cycle length with this compound will need to be at least 16 weeks due to the time it takes for this injected hormone to start taking effect. 8 or even 12 weeks does not give Nebido enough time to take full effect.

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The dosage of Nebido will depend on the purpose of its use: as a support for testosterone when using other compounds, 1000mg is adequate to last for 12 weeks, but again, as it is such a slow-acting compound, it will not provide immediate relief from the testosterone suppression that you will need, so a scenario is unlikely to arise where it is used in a performance-enhancing configuration for this purpose.

When using Nebido as a primary anabolic compound or in conjunction with other steroids in a stack, the 1000mg dosage may be more frequent; at least once a month or, in some cases, twice a month.

Most users will not benefit from a compound like Nebido, which takes a long time to take effect, and so you are likely to be selecting one of the much faster acting forms of testosterone.

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