Effects and Side Effects of Testosterone Undecanoate

Testosterone undecanoate is an oral steroid that has been modified to pass easily through the liver. Because it remains in the small intestine, it is less toxic to the liver, and these two properties of oral ingestion and less toxicity to the liver make it the steroid of choice among bodybuilders and athletes.

By taking it orally, users are free of injections at all times, thus avoiding pain and related hygiene problems.

Effects and Side Effects of Testosterone Undecanoate

Like all drugs, testosterone undecanoate also has its side effects, some of which are more pronounced than others.

Depending on the use of this drug, side effects occur and for sure, if high doses of this drug are taken for a long time, the side effects can be even worse.


The appearance of a new male hormone on the market is almost always there. A similar situation was observed after the premiere of Testosterone Undecanoate, which can be purchased in Ukraine in our store. This anabolic has many positive effects on the body.

This fact is easy to explain, because this substance in the human body performs several extremely important functions.

Among the main positive effects of Nebido are: It allows you to gain muscle mass. Increases appetite significantly. It increases sexual desire and improves the function of the reproductive system. The athlete’s power potential increases.


Regenerative processes are stimulated, which allows athletes to recover quickly after training. Another benefit of the steroid is its ability to stimulate the hematopoietic system.

Thanks to this, the builders had the opportunity to achieve a powerful pumping effect on the track. It is for all these positive effects that athletes decide to order testosterone undecanoate injections.

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Side Effects

The human body needs some time to adapt, and when it comes to bringing something into the body from an external source, the body needs some time to adapt to it. Likewise, when we take medications, our body needs time to accept them and during that time we face some temporary side effects.

When using testosterone undecanoate, the user may experience headaches, acne, and stomach upsets that are temporary and go away as soon as the body gets used to the medication. If these symptoms persist, users should consult a physician as soon as possible.

Even with temporary side effects, users are advised to consult a doctor to avoid worsening the situation. Some users may also experience a skin rash, muscle aches, swollen hands or feet, and dark urine, which they should also consult their doctor. Some users have also reported yellowing of the eyes and skin after using testosterone undecanoate, which also requires examination by a doctor.

Testosterone undecanoate is a powerful drug and overuse can lead to serious side effects for the user. Taking a higher dose than recommended for your body or taking this medicine for a long time can also cause side effects.

Some of the permanent side effects of this drug include insomnia and insomnia; since testosterone undecanoate increases aggression in its users, it can cause anxiety. Both sexes may experience a change in libido and an increased and frequent need to urinate.

Some users may also experience depression while taking testosterone undecanoate. In any case, if the side effects are too intense to cope with, it means that the drug should be discontinued immediately.

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Men can suffer from gynecomastia, which is the worst when it comes to users’ self-esteem. With large breasts, like women, men have only one option: surgery. Men can also get frequent erections over time, which can be irritating.

Users may experience virilization, a sign of losing their femininity due to masculine characteristics such as deep voice and facial and body hair, which ultimately disrupts the menstrual cycle and, in severe cases, completely stops menstruation, ultimately leading to infertility.

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