You’re going to see a lot of reviews on this album in the next few weeks. So what I’m about to type isn’t going to be a landmark statement.

“You Will Never Be One of Us”, barring a metal miracle, is the album of the year.

Yeah we know what you’re about to say. “But Devin Townsend! But Gojira!” Yes, we get it. Those are two of our absolute favorites. But what Nails have done is not only upped their own game since “Abandon All Life” but created a beatdown that makes “Reign In Blood” it’s bitch. This is a BOLD remark, yes, but in 2016 and in modern metal, bands go for an extreme amount of compression, length of track or drop-tuning in hopes to make something heavier than the last. Nails flips this process off and by their natural habit, created a masterpiece.

In 21 minutes. (So if they don’t need a lot of time to do it, we don’t need to give you a long review!)

They only needed 17 minutes on their last album to wipe out costal seaboards. On “You Will Never Be One Of Us” they use 21 minutes to kill you in front of your spouse and wipe the corners of their mouth with your shirt. Blast beats, breakdowns, skank tempos and violent throat work in perfect harmony with each other. Powerful, hardcore disbeat punk and metal, a blissful marriage of analog saturation and ass-kicking live sounding production imaginable. And even as I listen to this for a 3rd time in an hour, I’ll probably go for listen #4 right afterwards.

Nails have created a type of heavy music that the equivilent of cocaine. A quick blast of a fix that leaves you needing more immediately. And you feel downright awful if you don’t get more. Purchase it as soon as you can.

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