Metal For Your Gym Ear: Gina and The Eastern Block

It’s not often we get blown away from live acts anymore on first listen. We’ve been around the ‘block’ and seen a million shows in our lifetime and you’d think it would happen more often. But sadly, many modern bands don’t put a lot of thought into their live shows anymore. They think just plugging in and playing will do the trick. But one of the fun things about seeing bands play live is when they make themselves anonymous or larger than life. A bit of mystery with a dash of untouchable. And although the following group is not metal through and through, they were so good in their brief set opening for 16 Volt in Seattle (who was as always great live themselves), I couldn’t ignore it. So here you go.

Gina and the Eastern Block are going to rule the fucking world.

I said it. I mean it. And I know this was said by countless glam bands in the late 80’s and early 90’s (…talking to you Bulletboys!) but the sound that GATEB bring to a live setting cannot be denied, even by this guy here, who is all about the death and the doom of metal as fuck as can be. But since I’m a mega-nerd of great live shows with dancers, lasers, lights and explosions….fucking give us QUITE A THING in a live setting and you win us over. It’s why bands like Rammstein, though not our favorite, are worth every penny because they are on that upper tier of “Wutang Unfuckable”.

On disc, the sound of Gina can be described as dabbling in various sub-genres, giving the listener a sample of the diversity they can offer. Ranging from a bit of Revolting Cocks twang rock(Sippin on a 40oz) to balls out electro-punk (Start A Riot) to sex-drenched Dub style (Bootsy Wally), Gina and the Eastern Block has a sound that will continue to evolve, and still leave room for everything that gives it their signature mark already. Marc Jordan, their drummer and producer, has a clever ear for a ‘to-the-point’ construction of tracks and doesn’t destroy the listeners ears with a million industrial layers of unnecessary bullshit. The Eastern Block is effective with a less-is-more approach so the tracks retain their energy and purpose.

But let’s get to the fact of the matter: it is in a LIVE setting where Gina and the Eastern Block rock the motherfuckin’ cock. From the start of their intro where the Eastern Block geared up, what appeared to be a drunk girl in black ready to do burlesque grinding on the front barrier of El Corozon, was actually Gina herself, drawing attention from every motherfucking set of eyes in the room. So by the time she crawled up on the stage and the band dropped into a way heavier version of “We Are The Streets Of The City” the room was fully engaged with Gina’s complete command of the audience. Ranging vocally from Sofia Toufa to Pink to Voodoo U-era Lords of Acid, Gina does an incredible balancing act between dominant rock diva front woman to the human equivilant of a giant Viagra pill, keeping the room hard for the whole set. The Eastern Block simply sits back and pounds and strums with every unit of energy possible while Gina crawls and grinds around with zero fucks to hand out. It’s everything I miss about live shows. Sex, Drug References and Rock’n’Fuckin-Roll. An heir of danger, confidence and foreplay to a point that would make any prude in the audience blush. Gina gets right in your silly little face, gets you wet and refuses to apologize for it.

Simply put, in the wide spectrum of sounds Gina and the Eastern Block create, they mostly give a much needed kick in the nuts to the electro-rock genre. If they continue to get in front of as many eyes as possible, mark my words, they will be EVERYWHERE in a years time. Much like her sexual rage on the stage, Gina and the Eastern Block cannot be ignored.

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