Shit is opening up now like a wound. There are a lot of metal and heavy music releases we’re excited about for the year going forward. Which is crazy considering we’ve heard a lot of sick tunes already in 2016. So When we say “oh this might be album of the year” it’s something we might have to eat our words on later. But we’ll just get this out of the way now that “The Concrete Confessional” from Hatebreed will be in that top ten list.

Now it’s not automatic just because the Hatebreed boys released a disc that we’ll say that. It has to be stellar otherwise we’ll make that face like we just sucked on a lemon. But thankfully, and maybe unnoticed by some, they’ve stuck with their based East Coast formula since blowing up on the scene AND managed to slowly either let some pure thrash metal influence seep into their sound (such as on the track “A.D.”) or they’ve reverted to make the original hardcore stylings sound modern and fresh. It works and it’s always solid, or fucking solid. We have the sliding scale of “solid”.

And whether or not they slip in the obvious Slayer riff influence, and it’s been going on for a while so that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, it doesn’t do anything to sway their base message of self empowerment and improvement to create a better world for yourself and the people around you. Jasta and company, more or less, beat the shit out of the listener in hopes that it toughens them up to face any adversary heading their way. Hatebreed brings the energy, drops a filthy breakdown and waves the “PMA” flag for all to see. They’ve even stockpiled hefty political messages in some of the tracks for good measure. Sure, their sound is often panned by metal hipsters saying their too big to relate to the common kid (which is bullshit) but you can even be an older hardcore kid like myself at heart and know you’ll always get a punchy mix, to-the-point hardcore inspired tracks and a message that gives you enough confidence to face bad traffic, a shit boss, shady friends or the store being out of your favorite flavor of ice cream. Daily struggles and such, ya know? Hatebreed returns with our favorite record of theirs since The Rise Of Brutality. 22 years and Hatebreed is still in the prime of their career. Buy this and crank this.

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