I guess we need to do this because quite frankly, we’re a metal blog that loves all things fitness. And whenever the Belgium “Waffling Your Face With A Bat” band Aborted releases something, we typically get giddy. Giddy as a pig in shit.

And this time, it’s more like a pig in shit that realizes they just won the lottery.

Retrogore; boasts one of the best throwback style album covers since the 80’s. Why they did this? We’re only going to guess because they love their craft but don’t take life 100% serious. So instantly, if you’re into the comical gore side of metal, that should make you a fan.

Told ya they are silly

Hit play and you’re blindsided, however, with a box of razors being dumped on your head from 100 feet up. Aborted manages to improve on every level from their previous stellar releases (if that was even possible), from songwriting to production as they keep their well known “Precision Death Gore” sound intact. Occasionally dousing the listener with gasoline marked “slam” or shoving a timely breakdown into your mouth, for the most part it’s non-stop double bass drum-struction being dry humped by some of the best metal riffs you’ve heard since “Arise” and vocalist Sven de Caluwé is so on target you’d think he’d be wearing tan slacks and restocking socks. From “Bit by Bit” to the title track Retrogore, he allows his dual-threat viciousness to weave in and out of the constant barrage of death metal punches and kicks to the gut, as you’d expect. He’s easily one of the most under appreciated vocalists in the game today.

Earlier this year they released their 20th anniversary EP “Termination Redux” and essentially proclaimed “this is our year motherfucker!” and the band could be right. Not many bands can release two near flawless releases in such a close amount of time. But Aborted are professionals, masters at their craft. At this point they’d have to go completely full retard to miss their mark with anything they do. And Retrogore should, will, and could end up on many a top ten or top five to end the year. For us, it’s a ‘you bet your ass’ lock to be on ours. Lift heavy shit to it, thrash your neighbors car to it, make sweet love to you and your two girlfriends to it. It’s an all-purpose blitz of heavy music that’s as creative and deadly as they come.

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