There are very few projects right now that make me lose my mind with an unrestrained orgasm of “oh my god” upon hearing new tracks of the band. So let it be known when I hear anything Humanity’s Last Breath releases, this is usual the reaction.

Pick something up. Throw it. Scream. Collapse and laugh an insane laugh of pleasure.

“Detestor” is only an EP, a short play of 5 full tracks of brand new fury. But the amount of talent Buster Odeholm contains is more than 95% of the whole djentcore (or whatever) sub-genre has as a collective. It’s one guy doing this destruction. As in the same way Devin Townsend can create a one man army of wall to wall positive progressive metal by his lonesome, Odeholm manages to write symphonies of the most crushing, diverse and uneasy beatdown tunes imaginable. Or possible.

As with the last self-titled release, Buster doesn’t fuck around from the start. He sets the seed of creepiness down, pours battery acid on it, and it turns into it’s own uncontrollable monster hell bent on eviscerating anything in it’s path. “Detestor” is a fucking nightmare of punishing drops and switches, in which no light or happiness can go within several miles of it without risking death. “Detestor” is so good it’s nauseating to the point of making you sicker than hearing Donald Trump’s speeches. The EP is so heavy that bros constantly try to dead lift it, only to fail miserably in front of the gym babe they’re trying to impress….Because it weighs a incomprehensible metric fuck-ton of concrete. If you look up “heavy music” in the dictionary, this EP would come up behind you and crush your skull with a bat and leave you to bleed out on the pages. If “Detestor” was an MMA fighter, it would mount you and pound your face in, even after the ref calls it, to the point of getting disqualified for not stopping the violence. If you want to keep kids from ever going into the basement, tell them this EP lives down there and it will disembowel you if you go down there.

I think that sums up how we feel about the new Humanity’s Last Breath EP. This looks to be an incredible year for heavy music. In our book, this is the top release so far. And it will take a stroke of genius to dethrone it.


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