Well guy, you might actually need one…

Why does anyone need a personal trainer?

Well there are various reasons. All pretty logical ones, if you’re into that logic stuff. And since you’re clicking on my completely amazing “backed by science” blog here, I’ll give you a quick, slightly hilarious run down of why.

Pictured: So wrong. So very very wrong. We’ll save comment for a future article about advertising.

1) You have a motivation issue.

You would think that not feeling good, or fast, or strong, or able to lift something in the kitchen would be motivation enough to want to get in better shape, but for a lot of people they stack literally everything in front of the need for a better, healthier life. This can be tied into an accountability issue for a lot. There are some very proud people out there that won’t admit they need someone to bark instructions at them to do something in their minds, as trivial as exercise. But motivation and accountability go hand in hand. You aren’t getting to the gym, and you are justifying all your excuses to where it’s easy to dismiss making and developing better lifestyle habits.

Because really that is what it is. You’re replacing not-so-healthy habits with good-for-you habits. Fitness works when you make it a part of your life, not try and wedge it into your week when it’s easy. A good trainer will help you develop these. Or die trying.

2) You want to be educated by someone.

There are roughly 16 billion fitness articles on the internet. All of them claim to be right. There are some pretty easy ones, that are “backed by science” (no really, we mean it this time). A good trainer who is constantly learning, studying, trying out new exercises, taking seminars, and doing research are what you want, mostly to either get you interested in something or to answer questions. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean someone is certified knows everything. In fact, some of the best trainers I’ve met don’t have a million certifications (some can get certified and forget a lot of what they learned) but they are always doing things to make themselves reliable pillars of information. Like myself, I would like to have a brief answer to most anything. And if I don’t, I will get it as soon as I can to give them an answer.

The answer usually isn’t speaking in tongues either.

This also means that when you hire a trainer, you want to know they will understand proper form, basic nutritional information, and how to explain things in a way that make sense to someone who might not have any background in fitness.

3) When you do exercise, you don’t know what you’re doing:

Are you the type who wants to figure it out on their own? You might be. But when it comes to exercise you can do one of two things: watch a lot of bad form in the gym and copy it or spend hours looking online for how to do things right. And if you’re a busy body working a lot, you might not have that kind of time.

“Do you at least have time to check out my sweet watch? It’s pretty sweet…”

This is where hiring a fitness coach makes all the sense in the world. You’ll have someone who has repeatedly shown others how to do the basics, and watch in order to correct it. Trust us, as the leader of the <a href=http://www.metalmadefitness.bigcartel.com/product/defend-proper-form-unisex-shirt”>”Defend Proper Form”</a> movement, we see bad form in the gym a lot and wonder “they would benefit from even a few sessions to learn how to do this all the right way”. Developing good habits with fitness aren’t just limited to making it a part of your life, it’s doing it the RIGHT way once you’re in there.

4) Getting Some Results?

If you are not able to motivate yourself, if you don’t know what you’re doing in the gym or how to perform exercises, chances are you’re not getting the results YOU want. And becoming stronger, leaner, more flexible and healthier isn’t something you can just think about. The number one thing we hear from people as trainers when they come to us for help is “well, I’ll think about starting or getting sessions” but they’ve already been thinking about it for 6 months. In that six months, they’ve hurt their back, developed irregular exercise patterns, obtained bad form and gotten frustrated and stopped trying. This is the case a lot of the time.

This is why we train. To be that go to for YOU. To help you with all of the above.

That and we just got tired of flipping out desk over at a job before we started becoming trainers. It got expensive.

There are plenty of reasons to not get a SPECIFIC trainer, and believe us we’ve seen some bad ones. But just like a great metal show, don’t let that one bad apple keep you from going into the crowd and bouncing around and joining in. Chances are either at your local gym or personal training studio, there are trainers that will fit what you are looking for. Wish to train with a female instead of a male? Most gyms have both. Looking for someone with a diverse pallet of methods? You should want that in a trainer, as any trainer should never try and train every client only one way. Are you looking for a trainer that is a good people person that can really listen to your needs and create a program for them? Again, this is a good thing.

Pictured: Just turn in your certification and go home.

So it’s March 2016. Time to stop thinking about it and get to your local gym and INVEST in your health. While training might not seem cheap (and cheap training is a ‘you get what you pay for’ kind of thing) it is certainly a worthwhile investment that will be cheaper than constant hospital visits the older you get. Speaking from experience, living a healthy lifestyle has kept the clock from going mach 5 in my life, and I intend on staying as young as possible because of it, for as long as I can.

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