Sweden knows a few things about the word “heavy”. Countless bands have spawned from the Nordic Northern country known for many things, including (or at least according to ignorant Americans) where a bunch of free-wheeling Socialists have ruined their country and their bringing their brand of “make you go broke” to the states. While this is horribly untrue (just ask anyone with half a brain) what is true is Sweden is a place where quality, groundbreaking metal and crust/core has been produced for decades. Chances are you have a Swedish group in your all-time top ten, or your favorite band is influenced by one of them.

So if you’re totally green to Swedish heavy toonage, then you need to know because Meshuggah is Swedish. Nasum is Swedish. Disfear, Skitsystem, Wolfpack, Martyrdod and Birdflesh are all Swedish. And four dudes who make up a legendary grindcore band known as Gadget are Swedish.

So geography lesson aside, Gadget has been in grindcore exile for 10 years. But much to the delight of grindcore consumers worldwide, they have returned. And brought a nasty bastard of a record with them. “The Great Destroyer” is like being thrown onto a NASCAR track and getting hit by every car. Non-stop, ridiculous punches of blastbeat after blastbeat and violent screams of tormented streams of consciousness, Gadget seems as if they slow roasted this album the last ten years. It’s flawless in it’s delivery and quite possibly one of the tightest grindcore albums put to tape, ever. The production is quite simply put, a beast, as the genre has never sounded so brutal yet crisp and clean in every way. It’s destructive enough to satisfy any traditional fan of the sound, but mixed loud and pristine as if they had it analyzed by a team of the finest sound engineers in the world. But don’t let that last line fool you. The album, in all of it’s 17 tracks, challenge the greats like Napalm Death (who’s Barney Greenway does a guest spot on “Violent Hours) and Nasum in sheer intensity and viciousness.

The record is done in less than half an hour and during that time gives you zero breathing room, like being trapped under a stampede of Walmart shoppers on Christmas morning. Which is all you could ask for from a grindcore disc. Thankfully, Gadget gives you that and so much more on “The Great Destroyer”. The breakdown on “Dedication” is enough to earn this record an early spot on our 2016 top ten list. The return of Gadget is a potent as can be. Thank you Sweden for yet another amazing band.

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