Beatdown or Deathcore or Down Tempo or whatever. Give it a name. It’s slow. It’s brutal. It makes you wanna punch shit. Sometimes it’s complex (The Voynich Code). Sometimes it’s deep and haunting (Black Tongue). Sometimes it’s hammy (90% of the bands). Really when you get down to it, metal is silly. 4 or 5 grown ups yelling into mics and spitting on people and shit. But I guess that’s why we love it right? RIGHT! So when you examine the endless crops of Deathcore Beatdown groups you have to figure what really makes them stand apart from each other?

That’s up to each listener to decide. We at Metal Made Fitness tend to have a weird sliding scale of awesomeness. And a newer band like Purge fits into the bracket of “fuck yeah” amazingly well. Their latest EP release, Conjure The Dead, really doesn’t slice any new bread in their respective genre. It’s more about “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” with the big, nasty, slow, angry, down tuned sickness with the bands we dig in Deathcore. And if they can add GOOD dynamics to the tracks and hit you with some shit that’s out of nowhere from time to time, then we can’t complain.

But on all accounts, Purge have a ton of potential in the studio honing their sound on future releases. They took their time to make sure the vocals don’t have the occasional crack in the voice you hear on lower budget efforts. All instrumentation is straight up punishing. Clear, tight, beefy as shit and a much welcome swing of the crowbar to the ears, over and over. And over.

And over.

This works for us because if we can lift heavy shit or do Kettlebells to a new band, we usually give them the thumbs up (thus why Black Tongue never leaves our gym iPod). Purge is exactly that. A band with a lot of upside in a genre often spitting out the same thing from the CoreCore factory until it’s blue in it’s collective face. For our money, Conjure the Dead was a good purchase that makes us excited for what this band can do more of down the road.

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