Time for another band we don’t know shit about. We stumbled across this group while doing our weekly You Tube research for killer new tunes. And let’s just say that FUCK YES describes our excitement here. All hail Cypecore.

Long and the short of it, they’re from Germany and live they apparently have a lot of theatrics. Which we like. Where other bands miss the mark with building a package that fits, this band appears to get the idea to create a sound, look and aura about what you do. Cheers to that!

Album wise, the Germans in Cypecore firmly have a grasp on what it means to be a futuristic sounding metal band. Remember Hord? Scarve? Old Fear Factory? Old In Flames? Well you’ll probably be stoked on these guys then. From the opening noise of the intro straight into “Saint of Zion” you get a heaping dose of punchy drums and razor sharp guitars cutting through the speakers with a mad demonic cyborg screaming for answers in a rundown broken world. The keyboards and electronics are sprinkled on all the right spots, like a tasty metal sundae. What could be better than that?

Another strength of the album is the choruses and melody. We’re not a HUGE fan of melody in modern metal because of lot of it has gone by the wayside of whiny metalcore boys living in a delusional relationship on Warped Tour. Fuck that. Give us melody where it needs to be and huge choruses the soar over the mix. That’s what you get with Cypecore. And it’s a formula that the genre of metal needs to balance out the opposing side of it all. For every sludgey analog tape-to-tape metal band we need futuristic sounding bands like this.

We’ll keep listening to this throughout the year but we don’t see why it couldn’t be a top ten album for us come December. It’s a sound we’ve loved for years and we’re glad Cypecore is doing it. Taking over where great bands like Hord left off.

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