We have a confession to make.

The “SHE” tank top. It’s finally sold out and we at Metal Made Fitness can move on. But that isn’t the confession. Going forward the word ALPHA will not be printed on anything we make.

Somewhere along the lines of how modern life works, a definition was warped and twisted to fit posts on social media. It’s happened a lot, to many words over time. With “Love”. “Epic”. “Beast”.”Wolf”. And the latest, “Alpha”. Now we of course are guilty of this and attempted to slap it on a shirt to cash in on the craze, which we probably owe someone an apology for. It will never happen again. Please don’t make us sleep on a couch.


We have a decent guess on how this all started with “alpha”. People seem to think doing one single thing defines you as such, as means to latch on to something to boost a larger than life online persona. “I have a gym membership, now I’m a wolf”. “I bench press something, I’m now an Alpha”. “I have a set of testicles, I’m a beast now”. “I bought a new hat and keep the bill flat, I am an alpha wolf!!”

So here is your reality check.

Roughly 45-55 million people in the Unites States have a membership to the gym. Around 300 million or so get up in the morning and go to work, most early in the day. These two things don’t make you an Alpha. Neither does taking selfies Bro. Sorry.

Alpha defined by nature is “a male of a species deemed fit and suitable by the females to procreate with”. That’s it. And unless you’re actually using your sperm to constantly impregnate females for this specific purpose, not for pleasure, then you’re not an “Alpha”. Also by doing this, you’d be replenishing your Pride, which you don’t have, because you’re also not a lion. Or a wolf. Or a carnivore for that matter.

Pictured: A lion. Not a dude you know.

More so, everyone can’t be an Alpha. If you have nothing but “Alphas” running around, then it loses it’s zest and weight, like hundreds of people wearing the same cool shirt at a night club. It becomes a waterered down version of itself. Beyond that, a person can’t claim to be an Alpha (it’d be like calling yourself God essentially…Charles Manson did that and look where that got him) because the only people that MIGHT fall into this category would never call themselves an “Alpha”. And others would promote them as such, whether they want the tag or not. But like anything else, as soon as an article is posted saying “25 signs you’re an Alpha” everyone instantly goes to it seeing if they match up to some random websites definition as if that matters. IT DOESN’T. At all.

Do you have a beard? Great. Doesn’t mean you’re an alpha. Can you lift something heavy? Awesome. Still not an Alpha. Tattoos? I got those. Doesn’t make me an Alpha. Hold a job? Make car payments? Own a home? Started a business? Pay off a credit card? Traveled to a beach? Good for you. Good for us. Doesn’t mean we’re “Alphas”.

You’re a vitamin Bruh, not an Alpha.

No the actual natural definition is not really used in modern life. It’s using this “Alpha” as a state of mind or mindset of living, as in “Uber” or “Over all” or superior to all others, and again, if everyone runs around thinking they are, we just have a society filled with ego, which continually feeds the “look at me” syndrome that is unfortunately taking away the “us” and converting it into a “me”.

We use terms all the time jokingly or seriously to define us, our attitudes and the work we do. This is one that just flat out, when you look at it head on, is a stupid way to describe one’s self.

Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, worth 79.2 billion dollars. This by modern life would put him at the top of the food chain. I’ve never once heard of him describing himself as an Alpha. He’s too busy creating charities to help people, and setting up foundations. Is he confident in his abilities? Probably. Do you hear him bragging about it? Not really, no.

By this modern definition of how people might stick that tag on to someone, I’ve met in person, ONE, in my whole life who I could give that nod to. Matt Hume, the former MMA champ who runs AMC Kickboxing, I would consider an “Alpha”. Not because of things he’s done but how he conducts himself with his business, his craft and how he treats others. My time at AMC Kickboxing I got to see how he would interact, push people to their best, be tough on students, teach and instruct with 100% of himself at all times. It was a thing of beauty. But what defined him mostly was although he is a proud guy, he’s also extremely humble, with a quiet confidence and does not have to prove himself to anyone, ever. He’s not posting on social media non-stop about how his badassery, hastaging his life a day at a time. Since then, I’ve met many capable people, determined and passionate. People who have focus and drive. People who love what they do. And in my 38 years he’s STILL the only person I could ever give this tag to. What’s ironic is he’s a good dude and probably would never even want that tag to begin with.

You know he’d be hashtagging that shit #AlphaDog if he instagrammed. But Charlie don’t Instagram.

I know that with this confession it is an admission of fault. Looking back on making the SHE shirt with the Alpha tag on it was something I can call the one mistake I’ve made with the brand so far, and I can learn from it. Going forward, we’ll find better words to empower our faithful followers.

Powerful. Strong. Determined. Compassionate. Driven. Humble. Focused. Amazing. Awesome. Many of these words apply. Be all these. But you’re not Alpha.

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