So since we run our album of the year qualifiers from December to December, there are a few albums we’ll review that snuk into the guidelines. And since there is a chance that the major lame-ass metal sites miss stuff we enjoy (like Metal Injection hates Deathcore as to where we love lifting to it…) we get other albums a fair shake where they might not.

And two new Deathcore albums we’re pretty into at the moment are the latest from two bands on a smaller popularity scale. But we’d like to thank the youtube channel Brutal Core Music for highlighting. So props to you guys. Here’s the new heavy shit.

First off we downloaded the new album from the Texas-sized ass kickers Feign and their new album The New World Order. Taking a few nods from the might Black Tongue and Humanitys Last Breath, Feign manages to integrate the industrial style which melts so perfectly with Deathcore, or should be. A tight production and punchy-as-fuck drums along with a whole parking lot of Pro Tools trickery make this for an interesting listen when you’re kicking back, pushing the new modern limits of Deathcore with a progressive vibe, but in the gym, you just want to punch someone with bad form in the face when tracks like “Hatriotism” or “Exile” come on. This is one band to keep tabs on in the American Deathcore scene. Their style would fit perfectly opening up for anyone from Whitechapel to I Declare War. The New World Order is a powerful release with a lot of Deathcore standard fare, but a lot of intelligence in it’s delivery as well.

For the next review, let’s fly in our magic metal jet to France where the heavy music is always outstanding and unique. Kombur is a vile progressive Deathcore pile of pain that pushes bounderies, like any French band would it seems. Their new album I Am Alpha isn’t talking about some dude in the gym who thinks because he has a membership he’s an alpha wolf or whatever. They’re talking about the superior beatdown you get put through on tracks like “Challenge The Clock” or “The Fallen”. And you’re all “hey, I hear melody! THERE SHOULDN’T BE MELODY IN DEATHCORE!”. To that we say “eat shit” because there is no rules in metal, k? And Kombur shits all over the rule book in the same way many of the french bands do in their respective genres. Hard hitting, punishing but with a lot of daring attempts at melody and progressive technique as well.

Both albums are quality. Click the hyperlinks to check them out.

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