Dragged Into Sunlight present themselves in a endangered format. The times of anonymity with bands in this “self promotion” era of social media is hard to come by. But necessary. Not only should, in our opinion, heavy music have some mystique to it, to where the men and women playing the crushing tunes appear larger than life, but also to take the focus and put it back on the music, not the amount of shitty tattoos and bad hair the band has. And we’ve been waiting for new music from our favorite baklava wearing metal assassins for a bit since their last two efforts, the outstanding “Hatred for Mankind” and “Widowmaker”. So when we heard they would be teaming up with evil noise makers Gnaw Their Tongues, we started a collective drool puddle.

And it doesn’t disappoint. Somewhere between the extreme blend of powernoise and grindcore soaked metal and crust, Dragged Into Sunlight are the forensic sketch artist at a murder scene on the NV collaboration. Painting violent swipes of hatchet marks across the hearing of the listener, that being us, the two projects mesh perfectly. Weaving noise scapes along with brutal, pounding extreme metal in all it’s forms for the duration of the EP. This sounds as if it was mastered through a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, with never ending low end and dense guitar layers that never stop their rampage. Although we don’t know much about Dragged Into Sunlight, we know they’re good for things. Namely a drummer who hits his kit as if he’s trapped in the peak of a PCP trip, and a vocalist that screams and growls with the intensity of a caged honey badger, starving for a meal. And with the sonic destruction on tracks such as “Strangled With A Chord” and “Absolver” Gnaw Their Tongues sit in the mix with swirling distortion loops and twisted sample manipulation recalling the best days of Skinny Puppy and Controlled Bleeding.

This is not nice music. It’s not even close to nice music. It’s not played by nice people and it’s probably played on instruments made by mean folks that come from unhappy families. It was probably mastered by a mean person and everyone involved hates humanity on some level. That’s how nasty and vicious this release is (I’m sure the folks in both projects love their Moms though…). “NV” is some of the best audio carnage we’ve heard of this style in a very long time. And we’re pretty sure your life will be miserable if you don’t buy the fuck out of it.

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