East Coast Deathcore terrorists Fit For An Autopsy have had a knack for continually sticking with what their strengths are every release and improving on their weaknesses. Just like a good group of metal heads should. And the new album “Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell” is no different. Much like a stupid asshole cutting you off in traffic, you can’t help but clench your fist and scream loud obscenities at the sky while listening to this group.

What’s different of course on this release is a new vocalist has taken over reigns from two vocalists in the short time span of 12 months. With long time stickman Nate Johnson departing and Greg Wilburn sticking around for a cup of coffee, Joe Badolato (ex-Diamond Cutter) has stepped in and put your head into the mouth of a gorilla during its’s warpath. His vocals fit wonderfully with the latest and greatest production and round of ideas on “Absolute…”, while the rest of the band weren’t content with merely staying put in the vastly overpopulated country of Deathcoreslavia. They packed their bags, drank a big old bottle of Complex Juice and defected to an even more technically proficient metal country than they did visting “Hellbound” land. Much like Suicide Silence did when obtaining a new vocalist, Fit For An Autopsy hasn’t missed a step with Joe stepping in.

And while it’s going to be clear if you’re not into modern Deathcore that you should just put your pansy ass tail between your legs and clear out, there is enough dynamics on “Absolute…” to satisfy pretty much anyone that’s a fan of the heavy shit. From the title track openers’ brutal atmosphere to the tempo changing epic chord structure of “Saltwound”, they’ve covered all necessary fields of play to make this a very complete album. Like a sports team not depending on just one player, Team Fit For An Autopsy and plugged in the new center to a ridiculously heavy offensive scheme to make themselves a serious year end playoff contender. And you better know some sports terminology to know I just gave the lads some serious props. This will be in our year in top ten for certain.

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