Often health crazes come out and seem to have some kind of validity to them. Eat kale. Sure, I get that. Kale is awesome. Don’t eat sugar. Makes sense right? But then what of the micro-nutrient ground up to a fine power in which you could snort or mainline? We’re talking about Powdered Greens. Those little packets you see overpriced at Whole Foods (everything is overpriced at Whole Foods by the way) which vacationing business men throw into their bag to negate any need for eating a salad during the week. But are they hype or beneficial?

Well, you know us, we’ll shove anything into our pie hole if it’s green. And yes, we’ve been a promoter of powdered greens for quite some time now. But we also have a game plan as to the why.

(…make a plan C just in case..)

First off, powdered greens are not there as means to replace your multi-vitamin. While they can certainly give you some vitamins, you should be getting yours through as much consumption of fresh fruits and veggies as humanly possible. Almost to the point where you’re shitting a few times a day. And because you badass fitness type require an increased dose of things like zinc, taking a multi is a good idea.

But, much like normal consumption of veggies, powdered greens can help restore your body’s pH balance, which is highly needed to be level and legit. The basics of that go as such: Grains, Dairy and Meats are acidic forming foods while green veggies are alkaline forming. If you don’t have a balanced diet, your pH balance goes out of whack and your whole body can not be performing at it’s best. This is where taking powdered greens can help. Since they are alkaline forming they can help this process out when you’re unable to get to a salad, or an emergency salad they keep in glass cases (we wish). So taking powered greens can be a plus in this department.

But more than this, they should NEVER replace your consistent consumption of actual food, namely veggies. That would be stupid. We would however recommend taking them in your morning smoothie as a great boost to start your day. While they should never be your main source of nutrients, the added benefits certainly can’t hurt either.

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