The problem with doing product reviews is you have a million products out there that roughly do the same thing you could say the same things about. So when we decided to write a review of Branch Chained Amino Acids (BCAA) we have to go with what we know. And being all plant based and shit, welp, there are only a few quote-unquote vegan approved ones we can try.

Now this might freak you out, especially if you didn’t read our article on BCAA’s and their importance a bit ago, but a large majority of BCAA’s are comprised of two main ingredients: human hair and duck feathers.

Yes, you read that correctly. If you’re not careful or give two halves of an ass about what you ingest, you’re not only eating the feathers of a duck, but you’re half a cannibal. Good job. Because that’s pretty gross.

Hey look! It’s a buffet!

But if you’re like us and you enjoy eating as legit as possible, you try and go for things that aren’t made from your dad’s hairbrush leftovers. This is why we take pride in the few BCAA’s we can consume. One of which is Chain’d Out from ALR Industries. Granted that sounds more like a company that makes motherboards than fitness supps, but we stand by their Chain’d Out product. Why? Glad you asked!

For starters it avoid the atypical conversion to blood sugar (gluconeogensis!). By avoiding the normal of conversion of BCAA’s to glucose your body gets around 50% more of the BCAA’s than that other brand, which you just said in your mind with that condescending tone of voice you hear in commercials, usually by some Mom pitching you Sunny Delight.

Past that, it’s vegan friendly so it’s not made from your Aunt Flow’s wig or Daffy’s feathers. But it has the industry standard 2:1 ratio of BCAA’s needed to help pack on muscle mass or retain the muscle you already have. Plus with something called a “PerformActiv Matrix Blend” we’re certain you can move in Neo-esq bullet time and defeat any Agents that show up at your gym, or possibly just utilize the various herbs and such in this Matrix to have a boost of energy while kicking ass.

Taste wise, it’s sweet. Like sweeter than your girlfriends lips sweet, assuming she’s not a smoker of course. So we would recommend using a bit more water than listed to water it down just a slight bit. But after we went through a whole jar, we’re sold on this product. We’d recommend it to any gymrat looking to stay jacked and avoid eating humans. And ducks. Gross.


  1. Could you please post link for Branch Chained Amino Acids, havnt found the one you review on amazon, and not look to get one filled with grandma pubes.


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