Bands often start one place, and part ways with certain band members only to see their careers take off to even better places. Australia’s Thy Art Is Murder is a great example of that. Back in 2009 when they were just taking off, the band grew tired of Brendan Van Ryn’s attitude, lyric on the misogynistic side and in large part, they just didn’t like his voice anymore. But swooping in to take over the duties was Chris “CJ” McMahon. The band has only looked back since to see how many bodies they’ve left in their wake.

Enter 2015. Thy Art Is Murder has toured the globe, opening for a shit ton of metal’s best and been on package tours with the likes of Fear Factory, As Blood Runs Black, Parkway Drive and I Declare War. And in the process built a worldwide following just chomping at the bit for a new record. And the band delivered a nasty little bugger called “Holy War”. Exacting methods used on previous releases, Thy Art Is Murder put ten new bullets in the proverbial deathcore glock and hold it up to your head with a growling threat. The production is as thumpy and crisp as a Mayweather jab, but it’s the arrangements that take Thy Art Is Murder to the next level of heaviness. Combining stunning buildups and catastrophic breakdowns large enough to level small farmland towns, CJ McMahon and company don’t just go through the tired deathcore motions, they virtually re-write the book on down tuned violence and breathe some new oxygen into a genre that is sorely needed.

We just started listening to this as of yesterday, but you can bet your ass it’s approved for the gym and our next workouts. A vicious, jarring release that could very well find it’s way into out top 10 of the year. We bet you five dollars once you put the title track “Holy War” or “Emptiness” on play, you’ll have blood coming from your ears in no time. An intelligent deathcore record that deserves repeated listens.

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