Today we revisit the number one thing that has the world divided. No it’s not religion. It’s which is the best form of protein out there. Now before you get all “linky” and “posty” about “well I’ve read an article from this site that sponsors the dairy industry that says whey is the best and RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!”, just don’t even open your mouth. We don’t promote the use of animal products here. If you want to throw down the incredibly hard-to-digest whey protein and sit on the toilet constipated from the haunting ghost of the cows you helped kill, go right ahead. We won’t hate on you. We just don’t promote those products here because we don’t have to. Because it’s our blog and ‘Murica.

But here is how we’re going to chime in and give a product that anyone can drink, eat or chug. Peas. Yes, peas. Those little green things you use to push to the side of your plate as a kid and by not eating them your mom wouldn’t allow you to stay up late and watch Magnum PI or Night Court. Well, you’re all grown up now and looking for the best way to make your muscles into metal. That’s where these little spheres or protein goodness can come into play.

First, we’ll need to put duct tape on the mouths of detractors. We’ll do that through the simple means of allergens, in which milk and soy being two of the biggest. Pea is neither soy or milk. So you have a lot to nod your head about. It’s simple science. A pea is not cows milk or soy. It took us weeks of science to figure that one out.

Second, Pea Protein has more Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) than you can shake a selfie stick at. To be exact, or close to it, around 5 grams of the BCAA goodness per serving. That’s pretty much the same as whey. If you weren’t sure, BCAA’s basically are what rebuild your muscles into metal post workout.

Or just use rubber cement, we don’t care man….

Next, because it’s not from a cow, or soy (again, we’re pretty proud we figured out this one) it can be digested pretty easy. This is due to the fact a pea, is a plant. And plants are easy to digest. Duh. Peas also have zero gluten in them. Our science labs at Metal Made are just owning the day. Clearly. The guys in the lab coats wanted to add it’s also lactose-free. Because they like to be thorough.

Here is one of the biggest reasons to partake in the Pea Protein revolution, whether you’re a meat eater or a vegan that is into keeping their body fat low or training for a competition: Pea Protein is the lowest in carbs out of all the plant based proteins. Each scoop per 20 grams has around 2 total grams of carbs. So if you’re a label reader, we’ve just helped you out. We’re like Billy Zane in that aspect.

So if you find yourself saying “buy I like the taste of whey” remember that you’re actually tasting the additives and flavoring. Just like any other protein. What we CAN vouch for is that for a straight non-blended protein, Pea Protein is an ass kicker. It shakes up smooth and rarely leaves any large clumps. But the best reason is, if you don’t have to eat something that from an animal, why would you? Leave the cows alone, make your digestive system happy and make the switch.

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