Here at Metal Made Fitness, we’ve managed in a short amount of time to spread out name across the globe to many happy boys and girls. Strangely enough, our popularity has reached outside of the United States in the farthest point from where we’re stationed, Australia, almost as much as Canada. One of the reasons we believe is we happen to have a particular pro-vegan shirt than you may know about. And with that you would think we would have interviewed an Australian fitness personality by now. But we haven’t. And we would like to apologize to the whole entire nation of Australia for that. While we’re at it, Australia, on behalf of America, we’re really sorry for all those shitty Paul Hogan impressions throughout the years.

So when we decided to figure out which Australian to interview first, we of course went with the one we secretly have a little vegan fitness crush on, which will be the first she’s read about this. For good reason we feel. Our neck of the woods is lacking in the super fit, super athletic and super creative wrapped up into a vegan on the female side of things. Which completely embodies Simone “Simi” Collins to a tee. She’s rocked the stage in figure competitions across the planet, mastered the art of lifting heavy, gone after the world of crossfit and put her creativity into her passion for graphic design for a clothing company. Because after all, we’re all about the fitness and the arts here at Metal Made. But like Optimus Prime, there is more than meets the eye with this plant based badass. We got to catch up with Simi after she blew up the stage at the Austin Naturally Fit competition for a little “get to know ya”.

Simi Collins Ten Things:

1) What’s a bigger thrill for you: competing on a stage or in a crossfit competition?

While I haven’t done my first CrossFit comp yet, I find the training style really intense and exciting!
But I love being on the stage. The whole process of competition preparation is like nothing else – the anticipation and excited/nervous feeling I get in the weeks leading up reminds me of how I used to feel as a kid leading up to Christmas!

2) You’re stuck on a deserted island and can only find one piece of fitness equipment to use. What would that one piece of gear be and why?

Kettlebell – I just feel it’s such a versatile piece of equipment and you can do so much with it!

3) What is the best piece of fitness advice you’ve ever received that you have passed on to others over the course of your journey?

“Don’t worry about what you can’t do, focus on what you CAN do” – Tony Doherty.

4) Complete this sentence:

This world needs “less violence” and “more compassion”.

5) In hoping you are a good cook….let’s say I bring over a non-vegan who’s curious about trying to go plant based. What is the one meal you could make them that would WOW their taste buds?

Well honestly I’m not the best cook… but I can make a pretty mean vegan pizza! I’m also good at raw protein balls, like a typical bodybuilder! (laughs all around)

6) Name a song or two that would sum up your intensity in the gym?

“Cage” by Dead Letter Circus
“Ticks and Leaches” by Tool

7) We don’t like calling anyone an idol here at Metal Made Fitness, but if there was one fitness “idol” you’d love to hit the gym with that you haven’t, who would you want to workout with once?

Cornelia Ritzke, because she’s a shredded vegan calisthenics chick, and I would love to learn how to do some of that crazy stuff!

8) As someone who also battles depression and also has a creative side outside of fitness, I
understand how it can be a help to those down periods and emotions. Has art and design always been your go-to for escaping those tough times of anxiety?

Yes, it’s helped me a lot throughout the years. Unfortunately I don’t have much time for art anymore due to my work commitments and training, but I see bodybuilding as an art form as well. I am sculpting my body to the way I desire it to be. I also find my training is a great outlet and keeps depression and anxiety at bay.

9) What’s your “Power Animal” (as in the animal you think you would most be like if you weren’t human)

I’ve always loved wolves, I hope that’s not too stereotypical for a spirit animal!

10) I’m casting the next X-Men movie and you’re going to be in it. But we need to know what you would want your superpower to be?

Metamorphosis – I’ve always wished I could transform into different animals!

Visit her at

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