Well…Dragons…and I thought my problems were bad….

Been a while since he have taken a break from the “here is a food” or “here is a band” articles. We prefer not to rant here at Metal Made Fitness, because quite frankly we’d rather keep this site as hilarious as possible and full of as much useful information put into laments terms as possible. Too many stoned face over serious fitness types or “drowning in an ego” figureheads in the industry out there and we just don’t want that here at all. And we know anything put from a personal perspective is something you’d not want to read all day. You want metal right? “F those rants man!”

But, we do say, it’s sometimes needed so you can relate with us. Because we’re all squishy beings with a brain that says we have a heart and we feel more feelings sometimes than a Nickelback ballad. Unfortunately. And it just happens we’re, on a personal level, stuck in a bumpy road in our lives.

Depression. Down days. Down moods. Sadness. It happens. Sometimes for short periods. Sometimes for long periods. Sometimes for five minutes, sometimes for five weeks. Depending on who you are you can get into these ruts and also depending who you are, you can get stuck in them. In the same way someone on Ketamine gets stuck in a K-hole, which I’ve seen and it’s hilarious unless you’re the one sitting on a flooded kitchen floor naked, with a naked black woman on the couch holding a large double ended dildo. Yes, we actually walked in on a roommate in that situation when we were much younger. It wouldn’t have been so funny had we not been high ourselves. See, now you’re laughing. And you thought you came here to be down, huh?

But fast forward back to the now. We, personally, love doing this site and making it happen. But for those of you who believe there isn’t a real person behind the shirts and the band interviews or the countless hyperlinks that go to funny pictures, there in fact, is. We might sometimes appear badass and all “fitnessed” out and tattooed and have that smirk on our faces, but much like your standard circus clown, inside we’re crying. Now often, we resort to the gym on a down day. Sometimes we pick up the guitar and play it. As a grown ass man who needs to stop talking in third person, I have learned over my years of being a squishy being with cow eyes, that there are a few REALLY essential ways to dealing with depression. And having sex isn’t going to be on this list.

Sorry Obama!

I believe that with every fiber of my being that we, in our own way, are super creative creatures. And I believe if we do not get to create or build things on a regular basis that we crumble inside. We all have a talent in some way. And if we ignore that fire to make or create, we slowly can burn out inside. So my first tip on dealing with the depression is, don’t go posting it on Facebook like a twerp. Go solo, grab the one thing you love to do that involves losing yourself in it, and DO IT.

So what if you tried that, and you wrote a 74-minute symphony and you still feel like you wanna jump into traffic? Well there is hope for you in the form of glorious conversation. You need a friend. And not, again, a social media post where 43 people can like it, and three guys can believe it’s a sign that you’re trying to get laid or 6 people can ignore the fact you need to be listened to and just try and relate and pull you into their issues….no. Find one friend. And fucking call them. Or text them. And tell them, “it’s time to be a real life, no online, legit friend because I’d do it for you” and then find the time where you can both pick up the phone or meet and be there for the other. We have fallen so far into the concept of “virtual” that we forget that there are some beautiful things in life that can’t be web conferenced. Unless that friend is overseas and you have to Skype it, fucking get a face to face. And don’t think you need to advertise your shit online. Seriously. That’s attention seeking. Real problems are personal and shouldn’t involve the rest of the world.

So let’s say you’ve talked with a friend. And played guitar. And built a candy house. Still down? It’s possible. Again, I’ve been there and I’m still there now. One method is distract yourself enough to where you forget what was bringing you down, even for a bit. I am the last person in the world to say, “Ignore your issues and bury them” because I’ve seen and experienced what repressed emotions can do. Never repress them but sometimes coming back and dealing with them later so you can go LIVE and enjoy the day for a while is a good thing. It’s like writing a song and getting stuck and instead of banging your head against a wall with it, walking away from it to become unstuck on it. It can work.

…but if you really need to…

Sometimes, depending on the problem of what is eating you, yes you can just “man up” and realize the problem isn’t really as big as you’re making it and brush it off. Rollins is right on a lot of these things. Not everything is that simple. Like I’ve stated, humans are blessed and cursed with emotion. And for some of us, it takes longer to deal with things and it’s harder to brush off to where others just read an inspirational meme and go “oh well, everything’s great! Thanks Instagram!” (And we love posting these things for our followers in hopes you can get a smile on your face and do the damn thing…) But that doesn’t always solve something like clinical depression or grieving for the loss of someone you love, or being trapped in an abusive relationship. Things of that magnitude require a bit more work to get out of than reading a meme online. Real life, quantifiable issues that are crushing us, this is where you need to not be too proud and in denial and possibly talk with someone, as in a counselor. Sometimes these fine folks can jar something loose that we wouldn’t have figured out otherwise. Seeing a counselor doesn’t not mean there is something wrong with you. Never think that. It’s like talking to a friend that sits in absolute logic when we might not be able to find a logical answer. I personally have been to them for a variety of issues in my past and they have helped. Not always but sometimes.

More than anything, like I stated above, you’re ok. You’re going to be ok. You’re not a mess and life isn’t out to get you. I believe, and I believe this for my own sake also, that if you’re doing what you can, and doing your best to be kind to the friends you have, the right ones will be there for you. And that you will find a better path at some point to start walking down that involves a brighter pasture to graze in. Life is pretty damn cool, and just to be alive and experience it is pretty amazing. And maybe you’ve had a brush with your own mortality, whether it be with skydiving or a traffic accident or fighting a disease, to where you have realized how quick it can just go away. Life ends here. I don’t believe there is anything that keeps us going. It’d be egotistical to think we live forever somewhere. We end like all life ends. So to know this, and be reminded of it, can smack you around into not taking any of these seconds we get for granted. And if that’s the case it means that we better not be sad during them all the time.

Well, there is always that I suppose….

When you skydive, like I have, you get about 30 seconds before you find out if your canopy will open. Imagine it. You think you’ll be fine, in the back of your head you get a “what if” and 30 seconds before you face your possible end. Which is the thrill. But the real thrill is the 30 seconds of letting go, of fearlessness. Staring the end in the face. When the chute opens, you get 7 minutes of beautiful silence to see the world from above, and you remember how small we are. But if those are to be your last few minutes alive, enjoy them or worry? I try and remember this whenever I face depression. Right now, I am depressed. I am dealing with some heavy personal stuff. But I know I am also ok. And I’ll survive. And you will too.

Because you’re made of metal.

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