Our first trip to Meet at Main in Vancouver BC we were expecting to find your typical vegan burger type joint, with micro brews at the bar area and standard fare homemade field roast inspired burgers. This isn’t a bad thing, as you know you’ll be getting a down to earth vibe from start to finish. And we could give you a few paragraphs about the general layout of the place but we’re going to get right into the meat of the review. we ordered the Portabella Mushroom Burger with a side of fries as suggested by our pal Zoe from The Vegan Project.

The fries came with a homemade Chipolte Mayo dipping sauce.

The first taste of this sauce sent our eyes into the back of our heads with tracers grabbing a hold of our vision. Blurred and dazed, we could only make out what we believed to be a native American man standing on a hilltop, beckoning us towards him, with a giant fan made of fire and dragons. We crawled through the sand, hearing drums and chanting in the distance, but it was filling our heart with the boom. The thick stomp of the sound was a chain around our necks as we could only dip another french fry into the sauce. This was, our only hope at this point. To let the hallucinations own our existence and drag us through this forgotten land. Sweating under the desert sun, in which water should be our sweet savior, we only dipped more potato into this godly sauce.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, we arrived at the camp, with the tribe slathered in Chipolte mayonnaise dancing in a circle. Mushrooms growing at our feet and a bright eyes lion with serpents for hair standing on it’s hind legs. They placed a crowd on our heads and we were now in the tribe. Above us, galaxies that you could not see with the naked eye appeared and were pulling us into the stratosphere. We would have gone, but alas, the high was over and we were our of this sauce.

Meet At Main’s Chipolte Mayo is the greatest condiment ever known by our species.

The rest of the meal was excellent and the staff was very friendly. Two thumbs up.

Visit Meet At Main during your next visit to Vancouver BC.

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