Hailing from Belgium, the band Aborted waffles the listener with (see what we did there?) technically technical death metal overflowing with gore as if the syrup compartments were spilling over (see what we did there again?). Since we weren’t officially a website when this album came out, we’re going to do a proper review of this here shit? Ready? Better be! Because this album can easily leave you with heartburn, and a lot of messy diapers afterwards.

We’ve always appreciated this band and loved the Archaic Abattoir a ton (especially the “Dead Reckoning” version with the American Psycho samples!) but have had a hard time really LOVING the band since then. A few of their efforts have been really solid, but much like breakfast, if you have the same thing over and over, you get bored. And during the time we appreciated but weren’t totally sold on “Strychinine.213” and “Global Flatline”, Aborted’s killer vo-kill-ist Sven de Caluwe went off and released the awesome side project System Divide with his wife. This might have been good and bad. Good, because System Divide is fucking badass. Bad, because there is a chance this might have detoured his focus away from making Aborted into something ridiculous.

Well, let’s then examine the latest, Necrotic Manifesto, shall we? Production wise, this is the single best mix we’ve had on an Aborted release since “Archaic Abattoir” and it’s the best energy the band has had since Goremageddon. But, better. The pacing of the track lineup on Necrotic Manifesto (albeit the LP artwork is cheesy) is phenomenal. The song themes, titles and lyrics are a splatterfest of horror movie blood and homicidal slaughter layered over a non-stop barrage of baseball bat-like drums and scalpel sharp guitars. And then you’re met with dynamic tempo changes that would bring about heart attacks four blocks within a hospice upon hitting play. Tracks like “Six Feet of Foreplay” (eewww!) and “The Extirpation Agenda” are quick and to the point, like a bullet. The album plays out like the audio version of a bad giving a fuck but not giving a fuck about previous formulas and wishes only to rage a full-on extinction level event on the planet known as your ears.

Major props and hilarity points using “Hellraiser” samples that played out in 1992. But fuck it, right? If it fits, it sits.

If you get the deluxe version, you’re met with this great Sepultura cover of “Arise”
with dropped guitars and blastbeats that give a nice little nod to the original. It thankfully doesn’t sound like Aborted trying to BE Sepultura, just cover the song. Which if you’re going to pancake the listener with a cover song, you better not scone them to death. Whatever that means, but the waffle metaphor I guess was fine as is. Anyways, this album is the best Aborted in years. It’s from 2014, get it and get wrecked.

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