Ever find a band that is so unknown you can’t find out much about them?

Well, we did. But they’re so badass we probably shouldn’t keep them a secret. So the faithful Metal Made Fitness followers get a little insight into this here band.

Humanity’s Last Breath are FUCKING SICK.

We’ll start this review by stating if you’re not into processed, digital, mechanical, quote-unquote “industrial influenced” metal, leave now. If you’re not into stuff that is technically as precise as a heart surgeon, get the fuck out, now. Please. This is not for you. WAIT! Stick around with open ears. We rarely steer you wrong.

Sweden’s Humanitys Last Breath started as a full blown group a few years back, but eventually several members opted to pursue other interests. So we’re left with one guy, Buster Odeholm, doing everything. And he’s essentially the equivalent of Devin Townsend if Devin Townsend wasn’t a full blown demigod of heavy rock swag and was a cyborg of brutality programmed to obliterate small towns off the face of the earth. Simply put, this crushes. The self titled release in 2013 was virtually unnoticed unless you are a metal hound like myself, and since we’re now doing this blog, we felt it was necessary to give this guy his due. So here you go Buster….

Humanity’s Last Breath is so intelligent in it’s delivery, FedEx uses it to get you overnight packages. Humanity’s Last Breath smuggles so much bloodshed to your doorstep, forensics won’t go near it. Humanity’s Last Breath is so over-the-top in it’s aural destruction, doctors have to get government authorization to create a synthetic tympanic membranes for anyone’s ears that come in contact with it. Humanity’s Last Breath doesn’t make you want to head bang, it makes you want to run your car into a gas station pump holding a zippo lighter. Humanity’s Last Breath has more brutality than Gordon Ramsay has insults to awful rookie chefs. Humanity’s Last Breath can be directly sprayed onto a wasps nest to keep your family safe. If you want to get away with homicide, just say you were listening to Humanity’s Last Breath and enter an insanity plea.

Now that you know how ridiculously heavy this album is, buy it here and your workouts, love life, stress levels and sex appeal will never be the same. This is a new generation of heavy music people. Smashing those boy bands at Warped Tour into pieces and reminding you why Sweden cannot be fucked with when it comes to metal. Humanity’s Last Breath folks. Get it now.

Humanity’s Last Breath bandcamp


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