We’ll be honest. There hasn’t been a lot of truly metal releases this year that have made us jump out of our seat and commit a crime because of. There have been very good releases however. Albums that are for certain in the top ten for MetalMadeFitness like the Harms Way and Blacklisted albums. We’re certain throughout the year we’ll get a few more that really do some damage.

Thankfully, there is this German band that has released their second full length album by the name of Sulphur Aeon. The album is called “Gateway to the Antisphere” and this shit is a full-on assault. Like a million missiles raining down on you from above, with zero chance of escape. Little is known about the members of the group due to the secrecy of their names and backgrounds, other than a few of the lesser known groups they were in at one time.

What we can tell you is the new album is nasty. Fusing everything we ever loved about bands like Zyklon, Hypocrisy and Mrykskog into one chaotic symphony of European metal rage, Sulphur Aeon spins a grand opera of light speed drumming, soaring guitar work and gut-wrenching dynamics with various stop/start concepts that put your head on a swivel. The track “Titans” is a devastating throwback to the aforementioned bands with a bit of Morbid Angel thrown in for good measure. But don’t let that vague description fool you. This is progressive in the sense that it feels completely fresh compared to what is coming out at the moment. Thus why I gave that Zyklon reference, because to us, at the time, Zyklon was taking blackened metal to a cool, futuristic place while keeping one foot firmly planted in it’s roots. Sulphur Aeon does just that on songs such as “Seventy Steps” and “Calls from Below”.

This album is evil, interesting, and as deep as the ocean on the cover. It doesn’t just grab your attention, it chokes the life out of it. High Defamation was right. Easily an album of the year contender. And will be in our top ten not out of lack of choices, but because it’s earned it.

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