Anyone who knows us, knows one thing is a given: we love Canada. We want to move there. We love it there more than Seattle. It feels like home. Why? Well we’ll tell you why. It’s beautiful. The people are cool. A lot of gorgeous women (I would say the dudes are ok for you lady readers but…a lot of the guys wear jeans that are too tight and have no quads..) Great music. Hockey. Low traffic. Subway system. Logical downtown set-up. Mountains. Plenty of outdoor activities. And the food.

Yes, the food in Vancouver B.C. is some of the best you can have in North America. And knowing of course we’re of the vegan lifestyle, we like to find places where we can partake in eating out when we’re not chewing on bamboo or twigs or whatever you people think we eat (what do you mean ‘you people’?) Yes, we have to have our treats here and there, or fun food just like anyone else.

Enter Graze. Located a few minutes from the central hub of downtown Vancouver B.C, Graze is a small bistro-looking joint located off Frazier street that specializes in what can be called “vegan comfort food”. While we still have not enjoyed a dinner there, we can honestly say the brunch is deadly. It’s like tasting a Devin Townsend song. Full. Epic. And a lot of “whoa!”.

We headed in early to grab a spot as we know it’s a popular place for brunch on weekends. But thankfully we had no problem grabbing a seat at the quaint bar. The waitress, Jess, was down to earth and extremely friendly, suggesting a new kind of tea for us to try. While the house coffee and espresso there is to die for, the Savasna tea was a light and flavorful taste that complimented the food we ordered nicely.

So what did we eat? It’s hard to pick just one meal at this place so we went with the Carrot Cake French Toast. They make this amazing dish by taking vegan Carrot Cake and giving it the old “dip and grill” in a flax-polenta batter, smoked salt caramel sauce, whipped coconut creme and a fruit compote. We threw on a side of Rosemary Fennel Sausage Links and shoveled that into our mouths faster than a politician trying to destroy incriminating evidence. If you’re plant-based, you know you don’t get to eat things like Eggs Benny. So they have a Smoked Tofu Benny that reminds you of the taste from before you went vegan, but without any of those cursed eggs. We’ve also had (and can recommend) the Waffles Piccata and it’s like being hit in the face with the most delicious baseball. I left the meal completely satisfied of course. But I expected nothing less.

Afterwards, Jess was nice enough to show me (pictured below) the new “Park at Graze” pseudo nightclub upstairs. Complete with a great late 70’s drive-in vibe, the Park has pinic tables, fake grass and tree stump type tables to give it a cool and relaxed feel, with a “Food Truck”  to round out the whole “outdoor theme”. It’s a great idea and creative as all get-out. While we didn’t get to try any of the food, it’s on our list the next time we’re in town. Which is often. A lot. All the time, it seems.

So if you’re in the Vancouver area, make it a point to put Graze on your “MUST” list for food, no matter your diet. Meat eaters won’t know the difference and they even have Gluten Free options as well. Just make sure if you’re a fitness type of person it’s a “Cheat day”. Because you’re allowed to indulge and Graze is just the spot.

Make sure to check them out at http://grazerestaurant.ca/ and on Facebook

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