If you’ve ever been to Philadelphia you would notice a few things. First, people there don’t sugar coat anything. If you suck, they tell you. If you’re cool, they’ll buy you a beer. If you don’t win the city a championship, you really suck. Ask any of the local sports franchises. And it’s that blunt way of life that gives Blacklisted a raw, unrestrained sound that could be easily described as “fuck” and “you” like a lot of East coast hardcore groups. But Blacklisted also doesn’t keep themselves in a box of cliches either.

From the first few tracks of their latest release “When People Grow, People Go” you can hear a lot of that “post” whatever…post hardcore, post punk, post office, post cereal. I hate the word but their are some influences within this formula that are floating around. The opening track “Insularized” has an intro that could easily be the love child of Lifter Puller and Fugazi until it flies off the proverbial handle into a full on assault of nasty hardcore track two “Turn In The Pike”. In 3 minutes, the album shows the band’s talent and diversity for taking you on a thrill ride of desperation and anger. And from there you’re hooked. It’s that simple.

Deathwish Records is breeding some of the freshest bands on the heavy circuit at the moment, and in this guy’s opinion, Blacklisted is one of the leaders of this. From front to back the variety on “When People Grow, People Go” is unmatched. Anyone from Seattle might remember the mighty North American Bison, and this record has that same vibe. It can switch gears at anytime, it keeps the energy in fifth gear until the car explodes and it’s loud. The record is mixed to punish the listener like a parent mad at a child for burning the kitchen down. If the track “Deeper Kind” doesn’t make you wish you had free reign in a Walmart with a baseball bat, you’re in need of a head check. This is a must buy. And will end up in our top ten for the year. Without a doubt.

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