If you’re not a vegan, and you’re about to read this review I want to make a deal with you really quick. Ready? If you agree to never, ever ask another vegan again “where do you get your protein?” I promise I will never key your car again. Sound fair?

This is for some reason the most asked question of people that are plant based. Strangely enough, vegans never ask non-vegans “where do you get your carbs?” which you think they would to have as a snappy comeback. No, it’s often the giant elephant in the room when it comes to a nutritional discussion, often over shadowing something more logical topic that I won’t get into. But for now, all you need to know is, yes, vegans get plenty of protein. Because it is basically in every food possible in some amount.

When we aren’t eating bark or twigs or dirt however, we often enjoy a fine protein smoothie or shake. And when we drink one, we have many proteins to choose from. Now while we at Metal Made Fitness usually, mostly, 70% of the time stay neutral like Switzerland when it comes to protein or food reviews, we cannot shake the undeniable fact that plant protein is better for you, your digestive system, muscles, recovery and the planet (not to mention there are a few cows that thank you as well) So we only review plant based proteins my friends. We suggest you try them though! You won’t get all gassy and constipated like you will with a devilish amount of whey protein. Promise.

So while you’re now ready to take the Pepsi challenge on protein, let us suggest some new protein we got from the fine, super hot, incredibly attractive people at Sprout Living. It’s called Epic Protein. And while drinking it will not put you on a two-year quest to drop a ring into a vat of lava, it will replenish your tired and worked muscles with up to 26 grams of insanely clean plant protein. Combining all organic protein ingredients and sources like sprouted rice, yellow pea, Sacha Inchi and cranberry seed (yes, those have protein in them also, there’s a bit of party info you can use to impress your friends) as well as Lucuma Fruit and Baobab Fruit, this is a nutrient packed packet of powder ready to do something referencing an action movie, like blow up your muscles, or something involving Jason Statham.

But the taste? It’s solid. Unless you’re going to get a protein powder with a toxic amount of sweeteners or sugar, you’re basically stuck with something that isn’t going to resemble a chocolate bar, from any brand. You go for “drinkable” most the time and Epic Protein tastes just fine. We received samples of all four flavors and the Vanilla and Chocolate were perfect standalones while the Plain and Greens worked great in a blended smoothie with a lot of other fruits and veggies.

And for you folks that just want something healthy, remember that plant based protein like this is for everyone. They’re also gluten-free, non-gmo and raw as war. Since we’re all about supporting the up and coming business, we declare Sprout living “METAL MADE FITNESS APPROVED”. Go check them out here, and try out a bit of their stuff.

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