Fuel For The Fire: REBBL with a cause

Review of Rebbl Tonic

Recently, I attended the Seattle Vegfest which was a grand time. Racing back from Vancouver BC I was hoping to attend to be able to meet and greet some of the local vegan metal heads, which I did. A good deal of promotion for this site happened, met some new friends and saw a few familiar faces as well. But the main two reasons you go to this are simple.

One, to see the new groups doing wonderful things to help animals.

Two, the food.

The food you taste at Veg Expo’s is generally amazing. You can raid the Field Roast table, or visit the Vegan Proteins booth and chat with the Plant Built athletes. Or you can check out brand new small companies on the come up. One we saw and tasted was Rebbl Tonic.

Rebbl Tonic was started by two friends that wanted to have something as tasty and nutritious as what they could make at home, but on the go. So they starters looking at the best herb growers they could find, and came up with Roots Extracts Berries Bark and Leaves and HOLY SHIT they got their name.

And it’s clever. They do drinks their own way, their own rules. By keeping it Organic and Fair trade they are doing what they can to help the world around them while making sure you’re getting the best ingredients possible. They use the herbs in amounts that make sense instead of that bullshit “50mg of ginseng” stuff you see in energy drinks that would rather stack sugar to the heavens than up the content of any herbs, which would give you a legit boost. And the taste is straight outta Compton, too legit to quit and how it SHOULD taste. And the combinations are tasty as all get out.

And if you’re down to support a company that gives a rat’s ass, REBBL is your joint. 2.5% of all revenue goes to the Not For Sale organization which does their part in trying to stomp out human trafficking.

So what about the drinks? Elixirs and Tonics. Three flavors of each. The elixirs are packed with some of the best stuff Momma Earth could provide. Our personal favorite is the Reishi Chocolate, which contains the metal-as-hell mushroom Reishi. Never had it? Get it. It’s a super shroom that is all about the shield of power, making your immune system bulletproof and your liver detoxified. And it tastes as good as any chocolate drink you could ever put in your mouth. The elixirs also come in Maca Mocha and Ashwagandha Chai.

Tonic wise, they dont’ have a drop off either. The Forest Berry is awesome, but the Ginger Citrus is our winner. It has so much ginseng you’ll wanna run through a wall. And has more roots than a supermodel in need of a salon makeover. The Hibiscus Mint isn’t half bad also.

Where can you get these? Whole Foods for starters. Or their website. We give this whole company and product line our stamp of approval.

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