Within seconds, you can tell Harms Way is focused. Whether it be smashing the listening into a million pieces or writing their best effort to date, we’re not sure what on, but we know they’re dialed in. We’re going to guess both perhaps because that’s what we get on their latest release, Rust. There are a lot of elements of this record we love here at Metal Made Fitness. One minute they’re harnessing some old school Chicago attitude hardcore, then some Entombed sludge, and the next we get some Streetcleaner-esq Godflesh style noise. It’s a hard record to classify, and that’s a good thing. Harm’s Way take what got them to the dance from previous albums and keep that style that is theirs intact on Rust, but expand on that with experimentation throughout the production. Using the production talents of Andy Nelson (Weekend Nachos, Dead In The Dirt), Kurt Ballou (Converge, High On Fire), and Brad Boatright (Obituary, Nails), you can figure out that Rust, is going to be heavy as hell before pushing play. And while it’s clear and punchy and huge, Harms Way keep it raw and drenched in a bitter overtone of analog punishment. Another contender for our top 10 of 2015 early on. Big things from this band going forward.

So our advice is to get this record and best stay the F out of their way.

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