We wanted to get in a quick review of a band that has been turning our head a bit the last two releases. Manchester’s Ingested are starting to raise a few eyebrows in the death and slam metal audiences, and for good reason. Their last album, Surreption, was an absolute lesson in technical heaviness. So could they follow up with something better? In many ways yes. Ingested roars back with the same sharp and punch production as Surreption, and a full tank of gas in the death machine. There are plenty of slam buckets to dump on your head in Architect of Extinction, as well as the violent vocals and stop/start chaos you require in your slam-tastic stereo.

The differences between the albums, at least to my ears are, the amount of off-the-wall creativity in riffs. While Surreption was a shopping cart stuffed with riffs from everywhere, Architect of Extinction seems to side a bit more with accessibility. Accessible to whom? A few slam fans MIGHT, and it’s a big MIGHT, feel the album goes a bit more towards a deathcore influence at times, and others a straight up death metal tussle. Is this a bad thing? Well depends who you are. If you’re an uptight guy, you might freak that they are trying a few new things out and progressing, as they’ve done on each album. On the flip, you might NOT flip out and realize getting a little more basic in areas makes this a rather deadly album to listen to in a place where you lift heavy things, like a health club. And that my friends, is why we review this shit.

Ingested with this release have firmly planted their fist into the face of the slam metal genre and look to be a leading name in it for a long time. The tracks “I, Despoiler” and “Extinction Event” blaze with complete fury from guitars to drums, and the borderline homicidal throat work is enough to make you need a cough drop. The real gem of this album though is the soothing and sad “Penance” as it starts in the way a lot of progressive metal songs do, with down trodden acoustic guitar into a stunning melodic passage that breaks up the destruction on the album nicely. Quality stuff from a quality band. The brutality is real with Ingested.

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