Awesome product alert!

Really. This is slightly genius and anyone from any background in fitness or health should be shoveling this in your mouth faster than furious. From the infamous Chia Co. comes the Chia Pod

So you’re probably saying, “Ok so is this a way to teleport your body to another galaxy, like most pod’s do in scifi films?” Only if that galaxy is called “Nebulon Amazing Tasty-5”. What they do at this company is make things you can eat from Chia Seeds.

Why? Chia Seeds are a freakin’ superfood. They’re packed with omega-3’s, protein, fibres and antioxidants up the wazzu. Every single athlete should be consuming these. And that’s not just my semi-quasi-professional opinion. It’s the fact that the famous Tarahumara tribe featured in Born to Run can produce 55 year old guys who can run a 160KM race. It happens to be their secret weapon of endurance.

So what did the Chia Co. do? Well, they took Chia Seeds and made these adorable little pods you can eat anywhere or for breakfast. Thrown together with fruit and coconut milk, these are perfect on-the-go items for energy and optimal health. Basically if the Autobots were humans, these would be their all-sparks.


The Chia Co. took that idea and said “nope…not good enough….we want oats in there and coconut oil too” …so I give you the Chia Oat Pod. Yes, your head just exploded.

Same idea as the Chia Pod with the high energy, low fat oat thrown in to curb stomp your hunger. Just heat it and eat it. These come in three flavors with the Apple and the Mixed Berry being the best. And best of all for you “I hate microwaving” hipsters, the container is BPA-free food grade polypropylene plastic which is completely safe for microwave heating, so nothing toxic is eating your insides up.
Either the Pod or Oat Pod are for any diet out there. And these are basic no-frills ingredients that anyone and everyone should be eating, allergies aside. Visit their website for more and how to order yours!


  1. The Chia Pod is really great!!! I have been in Australia a few weeks back and was amazed by this little product. I ate it as much as I could! Unfortunately, as far as I know, we don’t have it in Switzerland. Great to hear that you love it as much as I did 😉


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