Not gonna lie friends…we’re busier than a fruit stand when Gallagher is in town. So the frequency of the articles isn’t what we’d like it to be right now. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t get a few things up and running. But even us being super awesome and healthy and metal as can be can get run down from time to time. And when the stresses of life take over, what happens? A lot of the times you can get sick, or worse, evangelical.

This is why taking Zinc is important. It’s one of those important minerals humans need to boost the immune system. Like when you’re getting a lap dance, zinc stimulates it. It’s also vital for the immune system in dealing with inflammation.

Zinc is a used as a co-factor by a number of critical enzymes. Even have a slight deficiency of Zinc can result in immunity, reproduction, skin health and vision issues. There are thankfully, plenty of foods that give you solid doses of Zinc, but you need around 11 milligrams of the stuff to call it good. And it’s tricky to rock all night with that balance of Zinc and Copper as well….but we’ll touch on that another time.

As far as that whole immune system issue, by not getting enough zinc it can take it’s toll within a few weeks. It also appears that elders develop issues with Zinc deficiency pretty regularly. How would one reverse this? The Mediterranean Diet is one way to go, where the Zinc content in many of the foods is consistent to give you what you need.

Also, if you have skin issues, low Zinc could be a factor. Canker sores, fungal infections and rashes were shown in studies to resurface when Zinc was low. Zinc can help renew skin cells which is why a lot of Zinc creams are used to sooth diaper rashes on babies behinds…butts…bottoms….you just said those with an English accent didn’t you? Zinc can also be healthy for you and your hair, as insufficient Zinc levels may result in loss of hair or thinning.

For dude, Zinc is important to protect your little prostate gland friend and plays a role in testosterone production. For femmes, it can help the monthly friend and alleviate symptoms with PMS. And how do you know if you are deficient? The most common symptoms include dry and rough skin, dull looking hair, brittle finger nails, white spots on nails, reduced taste and smell, loss of appetite, mood swings, reduced adaptation to darkness, frequent infections, delayed wound healing, dermatitis and acne. That’s a lot of stuff that could be messing up your program. Try out a Zinc supplement for a month and see if it helps any of these issues you could be dealing with.

So how much should we be getting? Around 12-16 mg a day is around normal intake. And you can get it from anything NOT BOXED. Go for the outside aisles at the store for foods with Zinc.

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