In keeping with tradition, we do our best to, of course, merge fitness and metal. So when looking for the newest blood in the world of bodybuilding or bikini competition, we like to have a few things checked off the list. Are they super dedicated? Are they living a solid life to inspire others? Are they full of the energy and intensity of metal? Do they like metal? Well thankfully our latest chat in the world of Metal Made Fitness hails from San Jose and has attacks the competition arena like a shark (that is infact a hockey reference…try and keep up). Tina Truong, though only in her now third year competing, is already building a resume anyone going on stage would die for. And when she isn’t clangin’ and bangin’ the weights for her next show, she’s helping others grab their fitness goals by building complete training programs. And this Team AllMax athlete is working non-stop to make sure she is grade-A at both inspiring her clients, women all over, and grabbing her next trophy.

MMF: So to start, I was looking online and reading up on your competition history. It looks like you really went for it in 2014 with a couple of solid 1st place finishes. For the young women reading this that are interested in competing, what are some of the best lessons you’ve learned while climbing the ladder of success on the stage or off, or as far as diet/training…or even life in general in this journey?

TINA: The journey itself is not easy. You have to get mentally ready like as if you’re going to battle with yourself and stay committed to your goals. It all takes a lot of being consistent, having the will power, being motivated, inspired, and determined to win. Diet is the most important!! Sometimes you’ll want to cheat and give in but you always got to remind yourself to keep the eyes on the prize. I use life’s downers and it’s negativity as my motivation in the gym. All the heart breaks I’ve been through and people on the past who have doubted me and challenged me to prove them wrong.

MMF: I also read that you’re really into kickboxing as well. As someone who boxes, I know how much of a workout it can be. But do you have to keep that kind of training separate from your competition programs or are you able to work that in as a part of it?

TINA: I keep it separated but it’s definitely a good HIIT cardio workout that I wouldn’t mind using as apart of my training for cardio, instead of doing stair master for an hour. Kickboxing is a great workout and I think it’s definitely recommended in everyone’s regiment. But the question is, will you have enough energy?? Since we are all on low calorie diets (laughs).

MMF: Ok, since we’re a metal inspired fitness blog, we have to ask this one….if I was to open your iPod right now, what is the heaviest metal or hardcore you have in there you love to blast to push you through the hardest set?

TINA: I have Pantera, Job For A Cowboy, As I Lay Dying, Bleeding Through, Meshuggah, Suicide Silence, Asking Alexandria, and much more!!!!

MMF: We all know that competitors have a lock-down diet leading up to the show. But the fun comes after. What is the epic treat meal you go and have post show, or the treat meal during off-season that is a must have?

TINA: A post show meal I love is probably a big hamburgers and some fries. I know it sounds so greasy so it just all depends, I might stick to sushi or piece of steak and some potatoes. During my off season my must have are donuts and ice cream!

MMF: How important or how much does it mean when a young woman approaches you in person or online for training and says “your hard work is inspiring to me to want to improve myself and become stronger?” It must feel great to know you’re helping them empower themselves?

TINA: It’s very important to me because I was one of those people. Looking up to my inspirations and wanting to work hard to have a body like theirs. I love to inspire others with my progress. I was born and raised as the only child, never got into sports or joined any and never won a trophy. I was bullied a lot and such an outcast. As I grew I made an identity for myself and start training and competing and building on my body. Here I am, making myself someone who people are inspired by and look up to so it’s such a great feeling. Nothing compared to how I was mistreated back in the younger school years.

MMF: What’s the next show you’re training for? Any others you’re competing in this year?

TINA: I just did some power lifting meets for fun for my off season. Now I am down with that, I need to focus more on bodybuilding so my next show is Jr Nationals in Miami where I will be fighting for my Procard!!! I am 11 weeks out!!!!

You can follow Tina’s journey to first place on her instagram @Beast_Tina

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