So far, so good when it comes to posting reviews of bands we like on here. Wouldn’t you say?

Yes. Yes I would. And while we love giving you new music for the gym in this section “Metal For Your Gym Ear” we also know that there are times you’d like to listen to metal elsewhere. Such as while driving, or during sex, or making toast. Perhaps while working at a desk during the day, or even committing misdemeanors. There isn’t a place you cannot listen to metal, unless said misdemeanors land you in jail. We recommend you don’t get caught or basically, just don’t do anything stupid.

So in this new section of “Metal For Your Gym Ear” we’re going to pick albums you just might not know about, as the title says. Whether it’s crust or grindcore or straight up metal, we’ll bring you groups and albums we feel are essential to your collection. Because half of what we do here is talk fitness. The other half, is metal.

Hacride is one of many newer groups leading the charge out of the country of France. Bands like Gojira, Scarve, Dagoba, Anorexia Nervosa, Treponem Pal and Dirge have paved the way for many heavy acts to gain some press. Hacride thankfully has built a small cult following worldwide. But during their first several years they were working on shaping their sound to get to a place of complete separation from the pack. While bands like Gojira go for crushing simple hooks, Hacride went more a progressive route on their 2007 release Amoeba. And then, they did the most perfect thing in the world…..

….on this album, Lazarus, they opted for a trip to epicville. The opening track “To Walk Among Them” clocks in at 15 minutes which in progressive rock years is a punk song. But when this kicks in, walls melt. The vibe basically runs you over. You’ve been stomped by a monster of a track. How do I best describe Hacride on this album? Imagine if Neurosis just listened to Tool all day. And that’s basically the best way to pencil this in. Every crushing scene painted by Neurosis put against the thick groove of Tool’s progressive metal with a very distinct artistic vibe and there you go. “Lazarus” pounds you, puts your head into a bathtub and occasionally pulls you out to pat you on the head and make out with you during the calm and beautiful parts. And then back into the tub you go.

This was the last album with the stellar vocalist Samuel Bourrea, and it’s disappointing because we personally felt Hacride really found their sound on this album. Of course, their latest “Back To Where You’ve Never Been” we’ll save for another time. But for now, enjoy this album and go buy it. It’s 59 minutes of suffocating metal bliss.

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