We have written before about my love of Vega’s Pre-workout due to it’s blend of all natural ingredients, which you can read all about right here. But recently we decided that if we’re going to be somewhat of a “fitness blog” as well as something remotely metal, we’re going to have to expand a bit and try out a lot of new things, in the same way that you need to role play or have BD/SM sex if your love life has grown a bit stale.

Enter Muscle Warfare’s Napalm. Now I know we mocked names of preworkout supplements a bit ago and their “complete shitstorm” descriptions on how they’ll do things like “COMPLETELY DESTROY EVERY OTHER SUPPLEMENT ON THE MARKET AND TAKE YOUR LAME WORKOUTS AS PRISONERS OF WAR!”, but sometimes going off a name can be extremely judgmental. And we at Metal Made Fitness are far from sinking that low, are we?

Napalm, in it’s current second formula and far superior label, boasts a lot of the same stuff you’ll see out there in pre-workout land with something that is thankfully new: it’s DMAA free. What is DMAA you ask? (Labcoats! Put them on!) DMMA is an acronym for dimethylamylamine, or in it’s lengthier and unnecessary version unless you’re getting paided to know it, 1,3-dimethylamylamine, methylhexanamine, or geranium extract. It’s often stated to be a ‘natural’ supplement but whatever in the fuck. The stuff has killed a few people so give it a name…it’s not great for you. The controversy on this is whether it is a natural substance found in the edible geranium plant or it is produced by a lab. Many sciencey people believe DMAA is an amphetamine-like substance that is produced in laboratories, and therefore must undergo rigorous, government-supervised testing and be approved as a drug by the FDA. Because the government is all about stopping the war on drugs.

Whatever the case, Napalm thankfully doesn’t have it this time. What is does have is an exactly perfect ratio of Arginine to Citrulline for a maximum Nitric Oxide ass whooping. After a few go rounds of this product, I’m so far extremely impressed with the pump, and the lack of crackhead after effects. Which is important when post workout, some attractive person tries to say hello and you’re not drooling or picking your face. BSN’s HyperFX always made me do that, as did C4. Muscle Warfare’s Napalm only smashes you during your workout and kindly lets you fall asleep afterwards, because cuddling isn’t your thing.

I give this product a solid 9/10 on the “how much did you die during your workout” scale. And if you kindly wish to listen to the amazing EP from the band Napalm Raid to give yourself a double dose of Napalm during leg day, I would not stop you from doing so. Napalm Raid is badass, much like this product.

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