Few bands manage to last a few years, let alone 16. In the underground of metal and hardcore, bands will often dissolve after a few albums or shows, regroup and reform under new names. But the evolution of Spain’s Looking For An Answer is rooted in a universal cause that keeps it pushing forward: animal liberation. The band has a purpose: to be a very loud and brutal voice of the voiceless. And to create as much awareness a possible in doing so. Thankfully they’ve collected a very rabid and loyal following amongs grindcore and punk fans worldwide for this, and Felix and the guys don’t look to be stopping anytime soon.

MMF: Now I could start the questioning about what’s new in the Looking For An Answer world, but for new listeners and readers of this interview, tell us the what original idea was to start this band as a one man project 15 years ago:

FELIX: The band started in 1999 when i decided to create a musical project focus on animal liberation and veganism, i got the chance to participate in a Split 7” with the almighty AGATHOCLES so i make some songs and included it as a Split, after that Ramón at bass and Iñaki at vocals join the Project and it became in a three members real band, we used to play shows around with drum machine until Moya join the band with it and then we change our logo to the actual one.

MMF: Being a vegan as well, I know the important of being the ‘voice of the voiceless’ in choosing this lifestyle. Tell us when and how you first became vegan?

FELIX: I am vegan from 1998 when a good friend of mine show me some videos from slaughterhouse footage, that day i decided to not participate anymore on that oppression and murder, after that i began to read and learn more and more about the dairy industry and how we kill the baby cows and steal their milk.

MMF: With veganism and animal cruelty being a primary message you wanted to address with this band, did you seek out members who were vegetarian on purpose when expanding into a full band?

FELIX: I really did not have to seek any members because they just were close friend who knew the message that the band was trying to spread so in their own coherence they were interested about the band music and message.

MMF: Being a vegan musician with a solid underground following, do you speak out or participate in any groups in Spain or work with any groups for benefit shows for the cause?

FELIX: Sure, i am involve in the animal rights movement and collaborate actively with some animal sanctuaries here in Spain who care animals rescued from the meat and dairy industry.

MMF: You mentioned you used to practice full contact combat sports. With a healthy vegan lifestyle, do you still do this also for fitness or other things to keep you in shape for the stage or tour?

FELIX: Yeah i used to do, normally full contact, last week i was looking for a Muay Thai school and some people have opened one in my own neighborhood so it is great. For sure it is a good way to feel better and get fitness but the honest thing is that i began to practice combat sports after suffered an attack of two guys with knives many years ago, i promised myself that i will learn to protect mine and me.

MMF: Though the “Kraken EP” was released last year, it’s been a few years since a full release. Is a new full-length album in the works for you guys?

FELIX: Yes were playing around with the last record so we are making new stuff right now for a new full lenght Lp/Cd on Relapse Records, the “Kraken” you told is a kind of single ep before the full album, we are old school way of doing things.

MMF: The last album was released on Living Dead Society and Under The Knife records, yes? Are you still releasing anything on Under the Knife, with other projects or bands? I wasn’t able to find much on both labels online, so any news on Under The Knife you have, fill us in!

FELIX: Nope, officially the last one is “Eterno Treblinka” and it was release by Relapse Records on Cd and was relased in 12”Lp by Deepsix in USA and Power it up in Europe. Living Dead Society in the Ramón´s bass player label and Under the Knife was my own label, we used to released some LFAA stuff, Under the Knife is anymore but Living Dead Society is still active and he released LFAA “Kraken” 12”ep

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