Nutrition: Between the Berries and Me

I get asked a lot of things. Usually it’s about a kettlebell exercise, or if these are real or fake, or top or bottom. But those slightly confusion and vague statements aside, people ask me a lot about food. Which I’m not totally sure as to why, because I’m not a chef. I train people. And I lift things and set them down. Occasionally I rant online. But I try my best to answer.

Tonight a client asked “well, which are better for me raspberries or blueberries?”

And I was like “well….you see…blue….I mean….um…well raspberries you know….um….” and the silence and an awkward blinking contest ensues.

I know both are very high in vitamins and beneficial. But is one really better than the other? Well we at Metal Made Fitness decided a bi-semi-annual monthly contest was in order. Like boxing. Just as often as Mayweather ducks Manny. Just less often than that even. Here we go!

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