Review: Vega Pre-Workout Energizer

There are a few things that are for certain in the world of fitness. Rule 1: If you workout and eat well, over time you will see results. Rule 2: If you take a bottle of Windex, and drink it, you will not feel so hot.

These are actual rules you can look up in the “Rulebook of General Fitness: Vol 1”. I’m sure you can order it on Amazon.com. Yet tons of folks still insist on taking things in red bottle or with labels that read like it’s describing warfare on the nightly news (New from Toxicpharm comes FURIOUS NUCLEAR MUSCLE RAGE….)

Thankfully, the Godfather of natural pre-workout supplements, Vega, has inspired several natural products to help expand the list and decrease thermo-nuclear implosion in the weight room (or just people bursting into caffeine induced flames). And while many of these new comers are solid, you can’t beat the original.

Vega Preworkout Energizer, designed by Brendan Brazier aka Founder of Vega, is designed to give you focus and energy in the most natural way possible to take your workouts to the max. By blending 12 synergistic plant based performance-improving ingredients such as yerba mate, coconut oil, green tea and rhodiola, you get the same supercharged effects as those Nuclear Assault products, without the horrible “coming off of rave drugs” crash and jitters.

How? Well by using a natural caffeine source like green tea along with the herb Rhodiola to increase endurance levels, you’re able to push yourself but not your adrenal glands to inhuman amounts. Normally with pre-workout supplements, they stick enough Project Mayhem approved explosives to rewire your brain and screw with your overall “fight or flight” levels to turn you into a basket case. Not with Vega. Not only does it give you the energy you need but gives you Devil’s Claw for joint support and Turmeric which helps inflammation (which is the number 1 reason people stay sore or don’t recover as quick from taxing workouts).

Even Robert Cheeke, founder of Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness who pretty much wrote the book on natural bodybuilding, agrees. “”Of all the Vega products I tried and used regularly over the years, the Vega Energizer is the best, and the acai berry flavor was always my favorite.” And this product is quickly becoming one of the biggest selling items of all pre-workout supplements.

Huge energy. No crash. As a Vega user for years, we give this a Metal Made “two horns up”.



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