One of the nice things about doing what I do is getting to make workouts for people. 99% of my clients no one knows who they are and they work as hard as superstars in the sporting world. One of my paying clients however is one of my best friends in the world, Zach Gibson. Or better known in the electronic world as DJ RYLE. He’s been a busy guy the last few years. From working on his own tunes, to running Excision’s Rottun Recordings label. One of his recent tasks is doing tour management for Excision while he travels worldwide, smashing dancefloors with his patent, “you can’t handle this” style of EDM and Bass Music. Touring of course, can play havoc on a person’s body. So Zach and the guys do their best to hit the gym on tour, or hotel room workouts. So naturally, they wanted a Metal Made Fitness workout!

In this video, we run a sequence of standard Kettlebell drills. Working the Squat, Swing, Snatch, Clean and Press, Bent Over Row and Headscraper Press. Then we run those back in reverse. Now once through you can manage. How bout 3-4 times? It’s a half and hour of power that will leave you feeling DESTROID

And yes, SAMOTH THE SKULL BELL makes an appearance.

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