Sometimes you hear music that is so heavy, a part of you shutters in disbelief when the song drops into it’s best point. Or you feel your muscles tense up from being completely overwhelmed. It’s not always about being the fastest band either. The British Deathcore troop known as Black Tongue get this. Their latest EP, Born Hanged, though released last year, finally landed in my collection not a moment too soon. Enjoy the following rant….

This EP is so heavy, it makes the Phoenix Cluster look like a swimsuit model. This EP crushes so hard, it’s going to have it’s heart broke when it gets put into the friend zone. The EP is so doom filled, the apocalypse won’t go anywhere near it. This EP is so punishing, Frank Castle is considering retirement. Black Tongue’s “Born Hanged” EP is so menacing a cop shot it mistaking it for a pitbull. This EP is so brutal and nasty, you woke up next to it and swore off drinking. When contractors need a base foundation to build a skyscraper, they just use copies of this EP. Black Tongue plays 8 string guitars but you swear by the sound of it they actually play Panzer Tanks. With Black Tongue songs you don’t wait for the song to drop, you just are continually pushed further into the Earth’s crust.

I don’t even think this really even describes the EP properly, but we’ll call it good.

From a Metal Made Fitness stand point, lifting weights while listening to this has taken on a whole new meaning. I know our brand motto is “No Thing Is Ever Too Heavy” but Black Tongue just might be. Download this or your metal collection is considered average and lightweight.

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