That’s right baby. You look like you could use some Vitamin D.

No, I don’t mean “D” for “Dru” (though maybe you could…what’s your sign?) but I’m sure from various Dr. Oz/The View/Insert Daily Talk Show you’ve heard or seen in fitness magazines the last few years about how Vitamin D3 is a rockstar in the supplement world. It’s about as hard to avoid as the Kale trend (which is pretty damn good for you though). But all these critics and TV doctors and magazine people are spot on. Why? Well I’ll tell ya why….

Once upon a time Vitamin D was known as the “bone vitamin” (which is a bit sleazy). But thanks to the work of many people in labcoats, data shows that almost every piece of tissue and cell type in the body has receptors for Vitamin D. Because of this, you need a lot to function correctly. And if you don’t have enough a lot of bad stuff can happen, from being sad and depressed, to tired, to opening a door for weak bones and diseases.

Even if you have normal blood sugar, a D-ficiency makes you 90% more likely to progress to ‘pre-diabetes”. Not good.

So why is it truly a game changer? Our bodies make it, but we require it in certain amounts that you get from the sun or supplements to keep it where it needs to be.
Science time! Once you take Vitamin D in, your body, namely your liver or kidneys, convert it into 1,25-dihydroxyvitamind D or D3. So we’re going to take the labcoat off and just call it D3. Cool?

Every receptor in your body needs it to function like a well oiled machine. For your heart and brain to function and regulate genes that control cell growth and immune function. It sounds like the most important thing since, well, metal. That’s because it probably is. And what is totes magotes crazy is over 1 billion humanoids are lacking the proper amounts. That’d be like if the whole country of China was all “Eh, who needs it?”

Well considering having stable levels of D3 can ward off a whole host of possible diseases, those 1 billion people are crazy to either be too goth for the sun or just lacking a proper diet, which for a lot of third world countries, is sad to know.

So how much do you take per day? At least 2,000 IU daily. But really, most need around 5,000 or more to achieve optimal blood levels or some weird World of Warcraft achievement. And if you’re possibly facing diabetes, making sure your levels are topped off is super duper important. This close connection between vitamin D and diabetes is due to vitamin D receptors, which are found in the pancreas’s insulin-producing cells and in liver, fat, and muscle tissue, all of which influence the fate of glucose in your blood.

And as far as getting that “D” from foods, go with your broccoli, kale and spinach. If it’s dark and green, you’re on the right team.

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