Today’s band spotlight we travel all way to Belgium to catch up with U.J Niggurath, member of the band Tyrant’s Kall. In an age where many flock to the newest sound to imitate, Tyrant’s Kall favors to give a nod to their influences from the past such as Celtic Frost, Dismember and Trouble, to name a few. After giving their 2011 album “Dagon” a listen, while doing things the old school way, they have a sound that is still fresh and modern as well. Blending guttural down-tuned guitars and thunderous drums without the modern-era “squash” compression, and raw in-your-face vocals, Tyrant’s Kall has a crushing vibe from top to bottom.

MMF: Tell us about the background of how Tyrant’s Kall came to be:

Tyrant’s Kall started in the the beginning of the previous century. One of my grandfathers had written all of these songs down on paper, those were kept safe in the family until I thought it was time to take a look at it. It quickly became my obsession, because all the notes were transcribed on these weird looking tentacles. Because the notes were often mistaken for suction cups, it took me a while to figure them out. Once I got it, it was easy with today’s gear to make it even more evil and threatening.

MMF: Do you see any big differences in how metal is looked at in Belgium as apposed to say, how America views metal? Whether it be on a commercial level or the style?

Well for one thing, in Belgium no band will ever be able to live from it, so that’s a big difference. We have some successful bands, but most members of these bands have jobs otherwise they wouldn’t be able to live from it. If a band comes from the US and tour Europe they will always get meals, sleeping places, make even some money, or sell merchandise. And have enthusiastic crowds. If a US band plays in Europe they usually get a crowd, while if a smaller band from Belgium plays, it’s hard to get shows or get crowds. The difference is, I think in America you have to have a certain image to get known while here we prefer more letting the music speak for itself. Commercially, it’s harder to get airplay here because we don’t have big radio stations that play metal (or even Hard Rock), or if it does it usually has a program late in the evening like Sunday night Orso.

MMF: Your influences give a nod to some of the more classic underground sounds. How do some of your favorite authors, such as Lovecraft, influence what Tyrant’s Kill does?

In the band we have our own influences,but a love for the 80’s DM/Doom/HM style and that’s what we’re trying to bring. Even in artwork,shirts. No full colour or allover prints. HP Lovecraft is a big influence on the band, when we start out we were with 3 members that just jammed and played instrumental. We tried a few singers, none worked out, but we had the idea to only write Cthulhu and Lovecraft inspired lyrics. So no one could give us shit if we wrote antisocial, anti system lyrics. When we found Esmee as our singer, she loved the concept and has done a tremendous job on writing lyrics that fit our sounds, the music is be the soundtrack for the coming of our Lord and ancient One and her lyrics are a praise to him. I’m not saying there won’t be other lyrics in the future but it will definitely be involved with the Cult of Cthulhu.

MMF: When we first talked, you said all members are vegetarian, and yourself being vegan. When did you become vegan and what were the deciding factors for your choice?

Correction! I said one vegan, three vegetarians and one meat eater. But when we play somewhere it’s usually is a vegan meal for everyone. In fact our guitar player is practically vegan (he does have chickens at home and eat eggs,but not the chickens themselves)

I became vegan, after being vegetarian for a 4 years (due the influence of YOT, when they toured Europe, they had quite an impact on me) but reading more about the horror that’s going on to deliver our “daily” meat/cheese/milk and the slaughter of innocent animals just to please us humans, I decided to take a step further and become vegan, it was quite easy! I thought it would be difficult to let cheese go but actually no problems. If one reads about veganism and talks to other vegans, you can learn so much from them. It’s forced upon us from basic school on, meat is one of the basic food groups one needs to grow and become strong. The meat industry is nothing more than the mob and out to get as many profit they can. It’s all about educate the people to let them see it can be done differently and not kill innocent creatures.

MMF: Is a new album in the works to be recorded? New material on it’s way?

Last year the label Witches Brew brought out our self released CD “Dagon”(released in 2012) out on vinyl(with an extra song on it) and this year will be the release of the upcoming album “Gla’aki”, also on Witches Brew records. We recorded it in September 2014 and laying the last hand on the album (mixing,mastering). It should be out late feb/March. The new material is better constructed and our singer has grown a lot as a singer. Artwork is from Paolo Girardi.

Tyrant’s Kall myspace


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