Seattle has a metal scene. I know, for you out of towners you think we’re all Nirvana and Soundgarden and that’s it. Little do you people know, the metal is strong in the Emerald City. Dating back to the early days of Metal Church to Forced Entry to Bitter End along the way to Nevermore and the latest slew of underground acts like Wolves in the Throne Room and Black Breath.

Leading that charge are the ultra heavy I Declare War. Bridging a ridiculous amount of guttural metal with borderline illegal grindcore energy (if you wanna call it “Deathcore” fine, I won’t though…sub-genres just weird me out) the guys in I Declare War have toured the globe and gathered quite the following and reputation. Before getting on a jet plane for their European Winter Tour with Within The Ruins, bassist Gordon McPherson and I did a quick Q&A on the hard hitting topics.

MMF: So I Declare War has had some lineup changes over the years. How did the current lineup come together?

IDW: We have indeed but the core line up we have now has been playing together for a while now. Some of the older members got us in to play for some tours and we have stuck with it ever since. This line up has a great vibe.

MMF: Have you guys found it hard to keep the original vibe of the band with the lineup changes or has the sound been a natural evolution because of it?

IDW: It hasn’t been a problem actually. I’ve noticed a lot of reviews of our new record “We Are Violent People By Nature” kids have mentioned how the new line up as kept the I Declare War sound but still can add more and something new. We are definitely maturing and adding our own twist to the heavy sound.

MMF: Crazy tour story time. What’s the craziest shit you guys have done on tour?

IDW: This one is a hard one cause there is so many stories and crazy adventures we have gone on. Ill do one of my personal ones. We were finishing off our last few days in Australia, played a killer show in Brisben. After we got a bottle of whiskey and enjoyed the after show festivities. come the end of the night i left with some locals. i guess i partied way to hard cause i woke up on a park bench in a random park. Being over seas our phones only work with wi-fi so that was scary. long story short i found my way back thanks to some locals and a friendly cab driver. Don’t drink to much in Australia and leave with strangers!!

MMF: As far as weights, we’ve talked a bit about hitting the weights before tour. How did you get into weight training? Is this something you try to keep up while touring or on the road?

IDW: Me personally I’ve been into it ever since middle school but with the bands i was in and the traveling i was doing i couldn’t really do it. Joining I Declare War I had guys wo enjoyed lifting so been back ever since. While on tour we used to bring our own weights, straight bar, curl bar, then a set of 25lb, 45lb and 10lb, as well as two 40lb dumbbells. this last year we had been using LA fitness. So yes we try to keep up on tour (laughs)

MMF: Know you guys are wrestling fans. If I Declare War could rework any wrestlers theme song in their own style, who’s would you pick?

IDW: I’m not speaking for the band on this one cause we sure have different favorite wrestlers, even our merch guy Charlie could name one. I personally would do Stone Cold. Disturbed did one i know but a super heavy version would be needed. Him or the Undertaker.

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