Harsh truth it is but you’re back staring a new year’s resolution in the face again. Welcome to the new year.

I’m going to be a bit of a blowhard in this article but the whole “nice guy” approach is a bit overdone in articles like this. It might come off as negative so bear with me.

You can do it.

Whatever you want to do, you can. But for a lot of you, you’re not doing it. You might post something with a hashtag “#Beastmode” but going #Beastmode to drop off dry cleaning doesn’t apply. Remember the line in Fight Club “this is your life and it’s ending one second at a time”? It’s true.

Procrastination is the great obliterator of goals.

You’re going to wake up one day and wonder where 6 years went. Or why you have a half done project. Or feel like you’re standing still. It’s a shitty feeling to think you’re breathing to pay bills and die. But the thing is that isn’t life. It’s what the powers that be might want you to think is out there so they can separate the drones from the queen bees. Maybe ‘their’ version of life is constructed so you feel down about where you’re at and you look at someone doing what they love and instead of picking yourself up you get bitter or jealous or depressed, and you just stay where you are.

I know this because it took me years to get off my ass and start doing what I REALLY loved to do.

I dabbled in various efforts. I tried certain hobbies and crafts, which there is nothing wrong with experimentation. But the whole time, I really knew my ‘thing’. My purpose. I just avoided it because as Sworn Enemy sings “I had a fear of failure”. Takes a lot to admit that to others. And it’s FAR easier to just do nothing and sulk than put in the work.

Then I realized the people I knew who WERE on the path of doing things they loved were not crazy or shut-ins or ridiculously obsessed or whatever certain psychological articles might pin people who are obsessed with goals and dreams. They were on the attack. They’re good people but their focus makes them seem egotistical to others that didn’t get it. You can go after what you want with laser focus and not be a dick about it. And I decided it was time to do exactly that. Wake up. Kick ass. Be Kind. Repeat.

And that is where we are now. MetalMadeFitness is nowhere close to where I want it to be but I’m working constantly on learning how to get it there. As a personal trainer, I’m learning everyday how to train clients, to work with clients, to step outside myself to be better at helping people. I’m looking at my skill set and seeing how I can improve it. How I can get better in every faucet of my abilities and my craft. How I can take everything I’ve learned and put it back into this. And I might fall down a few times. I might stumble a little. But as Jim Rohn said “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse”. You’ll have bad days, and you deal with them. You’ll have off moments, and you’ll figure them out. But ultimately whatever your goal is, that is your goal. Get after it. No delusions. No excuses. No more.

1) WHAT IS YOUR PASSION? YOUR “THING”? The thing you want to do more than anything else in the world. What you want to do for a living. Your career. Your life. Know WHY it means everything with. Don’t half ass it. Know it with your soul. Write it down.

2) FIND ALPHAS. Seriously. Find people you know who are doing what they want, or who are on path to get there, and learn from them. Ask them questions. Get inspired by them. If someone is bitter and not following their dream, they’re going to probably not be a good support team. When I started all this I knew I had wonderful support from my family. But also from my friend Anna (who is the primary investor in MMF), as well as my old buddy Zach aka RYLE. I sought out an old friend Adrienne who always has done things her way, and I got the vibe from all these people that I could and I WILL. Seeing them do what they love inspires me daily. If you don’t have these types of people, find some.

3) GET YOUR SHIT IN LINE. Figure out the “how”. Need an investor? Find one. Need a game plan? Ask others who have been there. Read some books on the ‘how’. Even if you don’t agree with them 100% you’ll learn something from others who have figured out the ‘how’. Everything can be a tool for the toolbox.

4) HAVE BACKUP PLANS. Because not everything will work as you planned. If you’re breathing, you know this to be true about life. The path to getting there isn’t a straight shot. If it was, the word “struggle” wouldn’t have any meaning. Some things along the way will be easy, some won’t. Know you have resources to use when Plan B needs to happen.

5) WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, MOVE MOUNTAINS WITH A SMILE. Easy days make it well, easy, to be happy about motivation and going towards a goal. Hard days make it a bit harder to smile. EMBRACE THE SUCK. And then smile. And know that every day that you are doing SOMETHING about it, you’re moving forward. You’re getting there. Smile. Enjoy those crappy moments as much as the good moments. Eventually, you’ll learn they can all be good moments. It means you’re that much closer to where you envision yourself.

6) LOSE YOUR DELUSION. Be real. 100%. Never lie to yourself about the reasons for doing what you are doing. Be authentic about it. And be honest with yourself. Don’t think because you want to , you can. You might need to stop, LEARN SOMETHING NEW, and THEN move forward. Michael Jordan didn’t just wake up and go “I can make any shot in the world”. He might have that mindset but he had to PRACTICE HIS ASS OFF. Over and over. Take a million shots to truly know his mindset matched his ability.

2015. New year. New goals. Whatever yours are, START NOW. Stop reading this and go. Now. You can. You will. The moment you start to get after it is when life starts changing for the better. We’ll talk in June to see how you’re doing.


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