We at Metal Made Fitness are of course about two things: Fitness and Metal. That shouldn’t have surprised you at all. If it did, I really have to wonder about you. It was right there, in our name. Jeez…you people…

So with that, we will be featuring bands that are heavy and have members who are fitness savvy, vegan, healthy or all of the above. Hopefully this not only shows people that musicians are dedicated to their craft, but to live long and strong so they can make the heavy stuff for a long, long time.

Today we’re highlighting Montreal death metal band Smirking Revenge. Roxane and I managed to cross paths from a vegan group on Facebook, and after a quick band-and-forth and a listen, it seems like a great fit for this blog to give her band a spotlight. And no, if you’re asking, it’s not just because they’re Canadian (who if you’re new here you know I love Canada more than anywhere else in the world). The four women in Smirking Revenge are a cohesive unit, with plenty of metal know-how to switch from blazing fast to down trodden and slow at the drop of a dime.

MMF: Tell us about how Smirking Revenge came together.
Roxane: Joannie (drum) and me (guitar) had a band from 2007 to 2012 called Aenygmist, which was a 5-piece all female black metal band. We decided to continue when the band broke up in 2012. So we jammed and had some new ideas for songs. In 2013 we found Charlotte (voice) and Gabrielle (bass) and that was it! They were a perfect match. Even if we are 4 very different girls, it’s that chemistry that makes us who we are. We made our first show on Women’s day 8 march 2014 and it was so much fun! We made some shows here and there in our province this year, before and after the EP was released.

MMF: On a personal level, who in metal influenced you to want to follow your dreams of being in a band? What musicians inspired your playing and songwriting?
Roxane: 13 years ago I discovered punk-rock, and it was Good Charlotte who actually made me want to pick up a guitar (eh!! dont’ laugh at me :p ). I was obsessed with their ”Young and Hopeless” CD and thought, what if I learn the guitar? So that was the first spark.
I also listened a lot of the nu-metal wave when I was in elementary and high school, like Korn, Slipknot, Kittie, Mudvayne, Limp Bizkit, etc. Wes Borland is a great artist I admire, he was the first guitarist I really loved. I still follow all he does, his band Black Light Burns is so awesome. He’s a very authentic player, he’s not trying to play fast and ”technical” and all, his music is full of different feelings and that’s what is important. I also loved Korn for the same reasons.
Kittie also influenced me a lot and made me want to reunite women that share the same passion. It was the proof a women’s band could make really great music that ”have balls” and have great success! When I started out with Joannie in 2005 we mainly did Kittie covers.
Mudvayne’s Greg Tribett was a major factor in the development of my playing style. Also, Devin Townsend (Strapping Young Lad, DTP)… This man has an unreal voice! He’s not from the Earth… And very good guitar player too, with his brutal riffs! Gojira also inspired and still inspire me, I like how their songs are catchy and full of emotions, and their lyrics are meaningful (environmental causes and spirituality). I listen to Cattle Decapitation these days and absolutely love what they do. I find their music concise, and very well-balanced, with melodic parts and face-melting riffing.

MMF: The EP, Mind Uploading, has a general theme of the record is “technology: Savior or Doombringer?” How do you think we can best keep our humanity while embracing progression in technology?
Roxane: It’s a take it or leave it situation. I mean, all inventions aren’t intelligent (like realistic robot sex-dolls for example). But some are (like artificial limbs or prosthetics), and we must focus on those who enrich our lives, those who are necessary to us. We must not fall into vanity. But again, it’s different for each person, necessity does not mean the same thing to everyone… We have to really deeply think about all those new things and the impacts they’ll have on our lives. We must also refuse the advertising and brainwashing that is shoved down our throats in this era of over-consumerism.

MMF: As far as your Veganism, what helped you decide to make the choice to not eat animal products and not contribute to their suffering?
Roxane: In 2012 I saw a life-changing documentary called Food Inc. on Netflix… While seeing these horrible images of the meat industry, I made a promise to myself and the universe I would never be part of this again. So I went vegetarian for a couple of months and that wasn’t enough for me, I still felt bad eating cheese, eggs and all – so one day I decided to do it all the way and become vegan. It wasn’t a hard change for me because my opinion was very strong and I wasn’t a big meat-eater anyways. I discovered lot of great food ideas, and cooked more at home. I have a better health since my eating habits changed, so that’s cool but that’s not the main reason why I do this – I do it to because of ethical reasons. We have so much alternatives, why not go directly to the source, plants, instead of slaughtering mass-produced living beings?

MMF: Fantasy question: Smirking Revenge could open for any band together or broken up. Who would that dream show have headlining?
Roxane: That would be the bands in the 2nd question… but it’s very hard to choose only one band! It would be an impossible and bizarre line-up, but Good Charlotte would be my choice, because this band gave birth to me, back in my early teenage years.

MMF: From what I’ve read, it was a good productive year for Smirking Revenge. What big plans does 2015 hold for you? Can we expect a full length release?
Roxane: Oh yeah, definitely. We are already working on it and have 2 songs completed, and a 2 other ones in composition. We are thinking about new ideas/concepts for this one. And we expect to make a lot of shows to make ourselves known.

Check out a recent live performance from Smirking Revenge:


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