Fuel For The Fire: Don’t be Anti-Probitics!

Imagine a killer band is playing. And a crazy pit breaks out. Imagine if it was filled with those assholes that never pick someone up when they fall, assholes that do that “Core Kwan Do” roundhouse kick shit that gives everyone bloody noses, and assholes that intentionally throw punches instead of doing the traditional “mosh-hop-and-bump” method. Sounds lame right? That is what happens to your stomach when there is an imbalance with bad-to-good bacteria in your gut.

Enter probiotics. They show up to the pit like a seasoned mosher. Ready to restore order. Probiotics are a healthy or friendly set of strains of bacteria living in the digestive system that help the overall productivity of your digestive system. They help retain the balance of bacteria in your flora gut and can provide protection, much like mob goons, against harmful pathogenic bacteria that try and settle in our body. The population of probiotics bacteria in the body can change due to significant reasons, including the use of medications, infections, poor nutrition and stress. Antibiotic treatment does not distinguish between” friendly “bacteria to “bad” bacteria, and during the treatment we lose also” friendly “bacteria found in our body permanently.
So where do we find these little awesome bits of bacteria to help out? Well, supplements can be a great use. PB8 makes a vegetarian formula that we endorse here due to it’s potency. So there is that option. And it’s a convenient option at that. I noticed when I first went plant based, I need to replenish my probiotic army in my gut from lack of dairy products. But don’t mistake that last sentence because vegan or non-vegan, EVERYONE needs to have a balance in gut bacteria to be at their best.
Probiotic supplements are divided according to target audience: adults, women and children. The division between men and women is very significant, since women suffer from vaginal infections, requiring a unique probiotics. The probiotics help to prevent infections, recurrent urinary tract infections and vaginal candidiasis. There are also supplements for women containing cranberries, that help resolve vaginal infections. In any case, you can take probiotics supplements on a regular basis as they are not harmful and there is could be no situation of excess in the body. Yeah we got a little graphic there maybe, but the human body is the human body. So deal with it.

Friendly bacteria feed primarily on fibers, components found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Also eating yogurt bio on a regular basis can help maintain balanced intestinal flora. In any case it doesn’t replace probiotic supplements, but an add-on therapy. Yogurt, whether from dairy or non-dairy sources, are useful in balancing out your belly. The idea is to have a consistent amount of the above food in your diet so it helps with that balance.
Overall, having a healthy balance of bacteria or a consistent dose of probiotics can help with an onslaught of bad shit, literally. From preventing or treating diarrhea (if it’s also the result of using antibiotics), bowel diseases, colon issues in premature infants, vaginal infections or typical digestive issues. Studies have also shown that giving probiotics to the mother during the pregnancy and then to the baby, can reduce to half the risk of developing an allergic skin rash in babies. Also, those who have already got the rash can significantly reduce the symptoms, thus saving treatments that may cause serious side effects. It is believed that probiotics bacteria can prevent the penetration of different antigens that contribute to allergic reactions or have the ability to regulate the functioning of the immune system responsible for fighting allergic symptoms.

Getting your dose of Probiotics are vital my friends. When you take in the right food, it works with your body for a fuel source and when it’s broken down properly by your digestive system, used for overall good health. So restore some balance to the most pit that is your stomach, and if you have some issues with your belly, work to boost the badass bacteria that is only trying to be like Billy Zane in Zoolander. He’s a cool guy, trying to help you out.

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