METAL FOR YOUR GYM EAR: When Electronic is Heavy as Metal

Now we don’t like to shut out other good music here at Metal Made Fitness. Granted, we promote heavy music, lifting heavy, moving heavy things, dealing with the heavy, etc. The power of metal is that of a glacier, or avalanche. Always will be. You know this to be true.

But do we like other kinds of music while working out? You damn betcha man! For example, in my mp3 player, I often find the heaviest, most energetic electronic stuff out there and put it in the ears. Not talking about noise or tearout necessarily. It’s more of a groove we look for. So today, we would like to promote a few tracks and artists who have made some killer electronic shit that is “Metal Made Fitness Workout Approved”.


Drivepilot (As featured on this Le Castlevania Remix)

Broken Note:

Ryle (As features on this Tim Ismag remix)


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