Yes. A wave of Danish bands are in full effect.

This band is one of those interesting “new wave of future metal” type bands. Collecting influence from Fear Factory, Ministry and the “City” era Strapping Young Lad, The Interbeing combines a lot of post production electronics and loops with progressive “djent” style down-tuned guitars, hooks on the vocals and a solid energetic flow to songwriting. What does this all mean Dru???

It means you get something really good to workout to.

Just like Mnemic. These guys have been modifying their sound for years, taking influence from the same as above, and finally been hitting their stride the last few years. Heavy. Melodic. And dare I say a bit “cyber” because I love that word. Both bands touch on epic-style choruses and breakdowns as heard in this track “Valves” which sounds like you’re flying at one point. Basically, it’s great stuff for endurance training or high-rep volume. You know the drill!

Download. Load into iPod. CRANK IT.

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